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Michelle Clare

Located in Gilbert, AZ

Michelle Clare is a Certified Medium, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Energetic Healer, and 3-time Near Death Experience (NDE) survivor. She receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as from Angels and Life Guides. Michelle's gifts also include providing profound insight into present life situations and divinely guided suggestions for how to proceed in difficulties.

When she was 12 years old, her grandfather was given his angel wings. It was then that she noticed the continuing connection and communication she shared with him. This same connection continues with her other loved ones when they make their transition home. On 11-1-11 Michelle suffered a traumatic brain injury. A couple of months later, while recovering, she noticed her ability to commune with Spirit had dramatically increased. She received an unexpected life-changing message for her son. Soon after, she began receiving life-altering messages for other people from loved ones who had transitioned. Michelle is known for giving factual information including personality traits, characteristics, names, and validations of signs that loved ones send. During readings, she is divinely guided by the client's Spirit Team to provide comfort, as well as hope to each individual to empower and inspire them. Her deep love of people and Spirit shines through. She helps people understand that they are not living life alone. It becomes evident that each of us has a Spirit Team consisting of our loved ones, Angels, and Life Guides who are constantly helping us from the other side.


  • Evidential Mediumship
  • Angel Intuitive
  • Spiritual Mentor
  • Energy Healing (Angel Energy and Reiki)
  • Working with bereaved parents
  • Intuitive Life Coaching

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Reviews with Comments

Mark Briggs
2 years ago

Thank you very much Michelle for the very warm, inviting, and welcoming reading!  I actually felt better during and after the reading than I did before.  Of all the people I have ever spoken with about the death of my loved one, you made me feel the most comfortable in openly expressing my feelings. To all the mothers, fathers, family members, and others who have lost a loved one, I highly recommend Michelle Clare. She made me feel comfortable and explained the afterlife in a loving and understandable way.

Brian Smith
2 years ago

Michelle is an intuitive life coach as well as a medium. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with her as it had an abundance of evidence to show she had a true mediumship connection. Some mediums just deliver vague fluffy messages. Some will just reel off evidence. The best mediums balance evidence with messages of love and hope. In addition to making the connection with Shayna, she gave me useful guidance about my life that brought me peace.

Penny G.
2 years ago

The first reading I received from Michelle Claire was the longest and was scheduled for late morning. She shared with me that my father showed up early that morning, ready and a little impatient to come through. That sounded just like him! I felt so blessed to have my father, mother, and younger brother all come through.

Michelle pegged my father immediately as very gregarious and socially adept. My mother came to tell me that she wished I would spend more time playing the singing bowl that my friend had given me. She had been gone many years before I received that gift. She also said she enjoyed being around me most when I was gardening or when I was making the earrings I enjoy creating since I was much calmer and happier at those times.

My brother acknowledged he still had much to teach me and was very busy in the spiritual world. He had previously started me on a special journey by recommending Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. These details were so right on that there was no questioning Michelle’s credibility. She told me my brother left feathers for me. And on one of my bookshelves, I had saved several beautiful black and white feathers from a woodpecker. Shortly after the reading, I went to Whole Foods. As I walked to the entrance, there was a perfect feather on the ground right in front of me. I’m still getting beautiful feathers regularly.

My step-daughter came through and acknowledged I was the mother she had always wanted. I still talk about how she is the daughter I had always wanted. My best friend who passed came through and said she was around me often. I acknowledged I missed her but was unable to feel her presence around me. She told me my cat always knew when she was there. She said when he seemed to be staring intently at nothing he was actually staring at her. I just loved that!

This private reading meant so much to me and rang so true for me. It came to me before Christmas in 2017 when I was really missing my family, so it was extra special. I know they are with me, loving me just as they did when we were together face to face.

Later, at a group event, my father, mother, and brother all came through. Father, of course, was in the lead. Mother was still so excited about my making earrings and again took me to task for not using the singing bowl often. Even my paternal grandfather came through. He offered to help me with the business end of selling my earrings. My brother came through and apologized for his choice to leave and said how sorry he was for the hurt and grief he had caused at the time.

At the last group event I attended, Michelle began the evening with a beautiful healing process. It was high energy and the Light was strong. It set the stage for a profound evening.

At this event, I wondered about my maternal grandfather and where he was. He was my unconditional love space. Michelle remarked she kept smelling cigars and I knew immediately it was my “Bampa”. Michelle said he left pennies for me. I was so touched, as looking back I understood why I had always found pennies!! It was the confirmation I needed that he had always been with me.

In my personal readings and in the group events I have attended, Michelle has demonstrated her incredible gift repeatedly with humility and candor. Always respectful of each person she reads for, she is not condescending or judgmental. Her gentleness and sense of humor put people at ease.

Michelle has also supported me on my personal life journey. She has the ability to empower people with her insight into present circumstances and to counsel with suggestions of how to proceed in difficulties. She does this with the same sense of responsibility and equanimity she gives to her readings.

Michele J Halverson
2 years ago

Michelle helped me after my husband died. She zoomed right in on my questions without missing a beat. Eventually, she was giving life-saving advice from someone I grew up with SO long ago. Now, that let me know that those whose lives have touched ours have never forgotten us. This actually changed my life! I now light a candle each day for those who have gone before me but are close in spirit. My team of Lightworkers is Alive And Well and Michelle can see them. This rocked my world. If I have a question from Spirit and cannot seem to get an answer myself, I think of Michelle first. A one-hour reading is money well spent. Over the years I have known her, her gifts have multiplied. I have enjoyed every reading with her and recommend her. Online gatherings are just as good as in-person readings. You owe it to yourself to work with Michelle Clare.