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Note: Not all Mediums on this site are official HPH (Helping Parents Heal) Providers. To see the HPH Provider list please visit the HPH website provider page.

Before proceeding, please note that people listed on this site were successful in completing a series of mediumistic experiments to a satisfactory standard, however results in any given reading cannot be guaranteed. For more information, please read the Notice. All mediumship, by its nature, is experimental and even the very best mediums cannot guarantee contact with any specific deceased person.

Mediums are listed alphabetically in the order of U.S. state, then U.S. city, then country.

Gilbert, AZ
- 22 reviews

Michelle Clare is a Certified Medium, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor, Energetic Healer, and Near-Death Experience survivor. She receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over, as well as from Angels and Life Guides. Michelle's gifts also include providing profound insights and divinely inspired suggestions

- 6 reviews

Christopher Mendez residing in the Phoenix metro area is a natural born psychic medium and healer who has always credited his extraordinary abilities as a direct gift from Christ. Over his countless years spreading unconditional love and compassion in his work as a renowned Psychic Medium, he has achieved certifications in Evidential Medium, Psychic, Mystic Master, and Reiki Master. Christopher has received over a thousand highly rated reviews when he decided to start reading professionally as a Psychic Medium on a global scale since the death of his own mother in 2020.

Phoenix, AZ
- 6 reviews

Isabella is an Evidential Medium who is able to connect with and channel those in Spirit. Her ability to bring forward specific information and evidence brings comfort to the bereaved. Isabella is also a Medical Intuitive, Remote Viewer, Bereavement Companion, and offers classes on Psychic and Mediumship Development

Phoenix, AZ
- 14 reviews

As a young girl, Ann had a "knowing" about people and animals. In her late teens she had a profound Spiritual encounter that led her to seek answers about death and the afterlife. As the years went by, Spirit was finding every possible way to get her attention. In 2016 she attended her first course at the highly acclaimed Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, and felt as though she’d “come home.”

Phoenix, AZ
- 42 reviews

Lisa Wilcoxson is an evidential spiritual medium, psychic, mystic, and mentor. Renowned for compassionately delivering detailed evidence, her readings provide undeniable proof our lives and love are forever intertwined. Lisa is available for individual and group sittings, public events, and speaking via zoom anywhere.

Phoenix, AZ
- 8 reviews

Sophia Mecum is a Medium, Intuitive Healer, Energetic Coach, and Shining Light Parent who uses intuition as a guide into the world of energy. Sophia has over 15 years of experience in intuition work and is a natural-born Medium. Sophia has helped people from all over the world, bringing light, love, and understanding

Phoenix - East Valley, AZ
- 4 reviews

Danielle is a certified Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Registered Nurse, and Author. When young, Danielle shut off her connection to spirit, but after her brothers tragic passing, and a life-altering health diagnosis, her connection to spirit was restored. Danielle offers readings in person, by Zoom/Skype or phone

Temecula, CA
- 9 reviews

Pamela is a Certified Psychic Medium who loves what she does. She has been tested in several studies to ensure the accuracy of her messages. She was born knowing things and thought everyone else did as well.

Los Angeles, CA
- 12 reviews

Barbra is an Evidential/Psychic Medium who shares uplifting evidence. Her readings often have as much joy as they tears. After decades of serving on a crisis hotline, chaotic ER, and Crisis Response Teams, assisting grieving families, she has the strength and compassion to be at her best, when others are at their worst

Denver, CO
- 1 review

Certified Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Deb Sheppard’s mission is to bring hope and healing to all those she touches. She is known for her detailed and accurate readings with an ability to bring through validations with names, dates, specific details and comforting messages from your loved ones. Showing you that your loved ones are safe, at peace, and are still connected to you.

Eagle, CO
- 9 reviews

Becky is an Evidential Medium, Intuitive Healer, Meditation Facilitator, and Author. Through her heartfelt mediumistic ability, she intertwines compelling evidential details from spirit messages; capturing the soul essence of loved ones. Becky's greatest privilege is sharing experiences of profound connection & healing

Naples, FL
- 2 reviews

Alaine Portner is a gifted evidential Medium, compassionate spiritual teacher, experienced Meditation coach, and accomplished author. Through her exceptional skills as a Medium, she makes a difference in the lives of people across the globe through communication with the departed

Port Saint Lucie, FL
- 4 reviews

Beth Lynch Medium, Spiritual Teacher & Author. For over twenty years she has helped families understand & heal grief. Her sensitivity to connect to loved ones crossed over has inspired & helped many understand life, death & all the in-between

Tampa, FL
- 18 reviews

Dr. Danielle Clark holds many roles: A mother of dogs, cats, and humans. She’s also a Wife, Business Professor, and Psychic Medium. Danielle approaches life with kindness and a sense of humor. She’s passionate about helping people break judgment habits and heal from trauma and grief

Palm Coast, FL
(no reviews yet)

Connie is a professional Certified Evidential Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Public Speaker with proven abilities to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. She has an established practice, serving a worldwide clientele. A natural born Medium, Connie began seeing and hearing Spirit as a child.

Roswell, GA
- 5 reviews

A certified psychic medium and teacher, Amy is an outspoken advocate for raising the level of quality, ethics and professionalism in mediumship. She offers free, public educational webinars. Her readings are evidential, accurate and compassionate, typically connecting you with several loved ones. By phone and/or video

Naperville, IL
- 9 reviews

Stacey is a gifted Spiritual Medium & Mentor (Gift of Spirit). She is a bridge between you and your departed loved ones in Heaven which allows for Heartfelt Spirit Communication, brings evidence of your loved ones in Spirit, and acknowledgment from them to you that they are still with you.

Wichita, KS
- 6 reviews

With a life purpose devoted to helping people connect, grow and find their own answers, Kaci began her practice of mediumship, working with guides and angels. Her specialties include channeling the divine for healing messages that helps bring clarity, alignment, and a sense of direction.

Severna Park, MD
- 9 reviews

As a medium, I connect others with their mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, close friends, family and pets who have crossed over. This is something I don’t take lightly and I am truly grateful for. I conduct readings online (via Skype/Zoom/Facetime) and in-person, in Severna Park, MD and Massapequa Park, NY.

St. Michaels, MD
- 2 reviews

My name is Arlene Mains. I am a wife, mother, and evidential medium. I have had an awareness of spirit since I was a child. After the sudden passing of my older brother Shawn, I truly stepped into my mediumship for my own healing and the healing of others

Ramsey, NJ
- 2 reviews

Drew Polifrone, previously known as Drew Cali, is known for his expertise as an Evidential Medium, Channel, and Intuitive Development Teacher. He's dedicated to a safe and sacred space for impactful, and soulful dedication to your healing, spiritual expansion, and higher needs. Drew spent years devoted to development

- 8 reviews

Lorna J. Hines is a gifted Medium, Healer, Intuitive Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Teacher, Psychotherapist, Author, and an Ordained Spiritualist Minister. Using her spiritual gifts, Lorna has served thousands of people in individual, gallery, and on-air readings, including "We Don't Die" radio.

Geneva, NY
- 2 reviews

Daniel is a spiritual medium, author, teacher and reiki master. Since June 2018, Daniel has practiced mediumship at a high level serving others with his gift of communicating with the spirit world. He has performed over 2000 mediumship sessions and loves to volunteer mediumship sessions to many different organizations that help people with grief support!

Massapequa (Long Island), NY
- 5 reviews

Shelby is an Intuitive Medium. It gives her great joy to be able to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. She also has the ability to sense things within your everyday life which allows her to focus on helping you with your own personal growth and self-development. Her intentions are to bring comfort and healing to you and your loved ones in Spirit on this journey.

Washingtonville, NY
- 13 reviews

Lisa Morrison is an Evidential Medium, Psychic, Paranormal Investigator, certified Akashic records reader, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Practitioner and certified in Past Life Regression therapy by renowned psychiatrist and author, Dr. Brian Weiss. Lisa is also the host of her weekly radio show, ‘A Happy Medium’ on WTBQ/WGHT (NY/NJ

Long Island, NY
- 7 reviews

Jake James Vanek is a psychic medium whose goal is to assist others to unlock their transformative potential by delivering evidential information for clarity, guidance, and healing. His readings are to exemplify that consciousness exists outside of the body and that the sitter is surrounded by their Team of Light.

Tulsa, OK
- 33 reviews

Shelly Wilson, author, intuitive medium and conscious creator, is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. She offers private mediumship readings, intuitive readings, intuitive coaching & Reiki healing

Providence, RI
- 17 reviews

Jodi-Lynn acknowledges the fact that she was blessed at a young age with many abilities in order to help people heal, whether due to grief, guilt or life's struggles in general.

Myrtle Beach, SC
- 1 review

Kathi Behrens is a Certified Evidential Medium and Animal Communicator, specializing in demonstrating the continuity of life. She provides messages of peace, hope & healing to clients worldwide. Kathi is known for her compassionate approach and her ability to give specific details and validation in her sessions

Austin, TX
- 7 reviews

Elizabeth Stanfield is a certified medium and ordained minister who lives in the Austin, Texas area. She began to share her gift of mediumship professionally in 2005 after being introduced to the grieving parents of a three year old who had drowned.

Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
- 7 reviews

Jayme O’Donnell is a highly respected certified Psychic Medium, Teacher, and Mentor. In her evidential mediumship readings, Jayme shares detailed validations and messages to bring peace and the knowledge that your loved ones in Spirit are still with you. Helping others on their spiritual journey is a blessing & honor

Arlington, WA
- 3 reviews

Terri Strauss, a born Intuitive, was in her 30's when she became fully aware of her gifts. She began to realize that she could feel people's emotions as well as experience their ailments. As Terri began to hone her talents she was able not only to reach the other side but to communicate with confidence and clarity.

Seattle, WA
- 64 reviews

Jennifer is an Evidential Medium who shares messages of happiness, healing and hope for those grieving or suppressing the loss of a loved one. These messages provide confidence to work through times of transition, confusion and loneliness.

Northeast, WI
- 1 review

Medium Kathi Jo DeBaker is a natural born spirit communicator and healer. She develops and challenges her abilities through psychic detective work and conducts workshops in the Northeast Wisconsin area to teach others their innate gifts and to understand spirit communication.

Brisbane, Australia
- 1 review


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
- 6 reviews

Michelle Stokotelny is a Spiritual Medium, Teacher, and End of Life Doula who is passionate about working with her spirit guides to provide beautiful, validating, and healing messages from those in spirit to their loved ones in the physical world.

Hythe, Kent, England
- 2 reviews

Pauline Mason is a reverent, gifted, international medium with Clairvoyance; Clairaudience; Clairsentience and Trance abilities. She has worked at the (SAGB) UK, many European cities, S. Africa and San Francisco. She tutors; leads workshops; gives demonstrations; and private and telephone readings.

London, England
- 99 reviews

While I’m based in England, I do readings world-wide. I have been working with spirit for 10 years and this ability came to me naturally. I have never learned through books or other training, I’ve just allowed this ability to develop in a natural way and through the readings I’ve done over the years it got stronger.

London, England
- 48 reviews

Trained by leading UK Mediums and Healers, Kat is a certified International Psychic-Medium. Formerly an executive in the fashion industry, Kat turned her back on commercial life to fully focus on mediumship after reading for a father who lost 3 children. This deeply touching encounter led Kat to reassess her priorities

London, England
- 16 reviews

Siobhan has communicated with spirit since childhood, growing up in an old Victorian haunted house in the U.K. Siobhan, her Mum, and her sister (who had child to adult leukemia in the early eighties) all communicated with spirit, as well as their grandmother.

London, England
- 21 reviews

Britta is a talented and highly respected evidential medium, psychic, and animal communicator. Originally from California, Britta connects with clients worldwide. Britta’s life path is not about changing anyone’s belief system. She is merely a facilitator to connect you to your loved ones on the other side

Reading Berkshire, England
- 14 reviews

Jane Meakin is a remarkable spiritual medium who has dedicated her life to connecting with the spiritual realm. With deep compassion and great sensitivity, she acts as a balm to the devastating pain of grief from losing a loved one

Bangalore, India
- 18 reviews

Manisha is a psychic medium who is passionate about providing evidence to prove eternal life. Having spent 2 decades with the corporate world her personal life journey motivated her to train with renowned mediums & healers. She now works full time on providing guidance for clarity, healing & empowerment through evidential readings.

Kerry, Ireland
- 2 reviews

Freya works as a Psychic Medium, Energy worker & Spiritual Life Coach. Freya is passionate about communicating evidence and validation from Spirit world to the bereaved with love, joy & gratitude. Freya has worked for the last 12years with parents who have Angels in Spirit.