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Christopher Mendez

Located in Mesa, AZ

Christopher Mendez residing in the Phoenix metro area is a natural born psychic medium and healer who has always credited his extraordinary abilities as a direct gift from Christ. Over his countless years spreading unconditional love and compassion in his work as a renowned Psychic Medium, he has achieved certifications in Evidential Medium, Psychic, Mystic Master, and Reiki Master. Christopher has received over a thousand highly rated reviews when he decided to start reading professionally as a Psychic Medium on a global scale since the death of his own mother in 2020.

Christopher grew up in Poughkeepsie New York where he remembers he would feel spirits while walking into the historic buildings and old Victorian homes in the Hudson Valley as an incredibly young child. Growing up in a Victorian home himself, next to a nursing home and across the street from a funeral home, Christopher recalls seeing and hearing spirits all through his childhood. He, as a child, had the amazing gift of knowing. He would predict family members' death and would tell people past, present, and future events. Strangers would approach him asking him to speak to their deceased family members or even help them find missing people. Animals would show up for healing since Christopher also could speak to them. Christopher’s mother tried to protect him from this world by chasing the strangers and animals away. He was always afraid and felt like a freak because of his gifts.

Christopher would try to go to churches and church functions to learn about the man who gave him his gifts, but every time people would point him out as gifted. Again, this scared Christopher. After multiple years of being scared and sleeping on his parent’s floor until his teenage years, Christopher started embracing his gifts with his friends in high school. He would host groups where he would pull in spirits using his gifts and crystals. He started to join friends in church youth groups. He would even bring animals in the house to heal like cats and dogs but also undomesticated animals like skunks and snakes. This made him comfortable to go to local farms to heal their animals as well.

Then it all started again while in a dilapidated abandoned house he pulled a negative spirit out. He recalls seeing the murder in full details and his crystals flying out of his bag from all the intense energy in the room. The negative spirit contained on earth and latched on to him and his friends. After a couple of months, he was able to help the spirit cross over. Then at his youth group a girl that had a near death experience recognized him as gifted. Feeling like a freak and an outcast Christopher felt alone and tried to commit suicide three to five times for the age fifteen to seventeen. At this point of his life, he decided he would never do this spiritual work again. Then at the age of seventeen in the US Army he was at church on Mother’s Day and collapsed. Christopher was extremely sick with a blood infection. He recalls on his deathbed hearing Jesus and hearing him say, “I have a lot of work for you to do on this planet, but I understand if you want to go. If you want to go, I will break your contract, or you can stay and do my work.” At seventeen Christopher did not fully understand what that truly meant. From that moment forward he lived a good life helping people on my journey, but 2020 was the beginning of truly embracing his gifts. His mom was close to death and Christopher would start Astral projecting and visiting his mom who was three thousand miles away to let her know he was still with her. During this period, he would go on Facebook and see photos of people in spirit and start writing letters to the family members of the deceased making them aware of messages their loved ones wanted to get across. Then in August 2020 while on a trip to Sedona for his birthday, he came upon Chapel of The Holy Cross. When he walked into the church and looked at Christ, he dropped to his knees and said, “I know my mom’s time is near. Please I will now do your work from this day forward if I get to hear my mom’s voice saying Happy Birthday one more time.” The next day with all his mom’s strength over a video call he heard “Happy Birthday and I Love you with all my heart.” That was the last words he heard from her as she passed within thirteen days later.

With Christ’s guidance he started his business and within the first year and a half, he did over three thousand readings. Christopher helps people daily through grief, depression, abuse, PTSD, weight issues, and low self-esteem using his extraordinary gifts that were bestowed upon him as a child. He no longer feels he was burdened with these gifts, but truly embraces them as tools to help people. Christopher states he is on this planet to help and heal the people with unconditional love and compassion. Christopher stands behind his work and gives his all in every reading he does.


  • Evidential Mediumship
  • Group Mediumship
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Pet Communication
  • Reiki Session / Group Healing

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Reviews with Comments

Melodee Nelson
6 months ago

My family and I have had a few sessions with Christopher. He is genuine in every way. He definitely is doing this with deep concern and compassion for everyone he meets. You'll be glad you found him!!

Melody Heller
2 years ago

I had the opportunity to have my first reading from Christopher a few days before Christmas 2021. I’ve had readings from other psychic mediums in the past, but Christopher’s reading was the most accurate and detailed reading I’ve ever had. His approach is gentle and honest. I was so impressed with my first reading that I recommended my daughter to Christopher. She told me after the reading that she was equally as impressed as I was. Christopher was able to channel my father (her grandfather) whom she was very close to. He was able to see their connection and to tell her the facts of his military experiences during World War ll. She said he was the only medium she had a reading with who had been able to do that. Both my daughter and I will be returning for more readings and highly recommend others to do so as well

Tammy Gamester
2 years ago

My first reading from Christopher was on FB. We were not friends, but his live popped up in my feed. I believe my son, Josh, who passed away in 2014, had something to do with that so I would find Christopher. He was live and picking people to give messages from spirit and I asked for a message from my son. Christopher picked me and with just his name, he gave me about a 10-minute reading. He was spot on with everything he said. I got an in person reading from him and again, he connected with my son but also my mother and grandmother. And again, spot on with everything. He has brought me so much comfort in the messages he has shared with me from my son. He even sent me a very long message one morning from Josh that brought me to tears. He checks in on me periodically, telling me Josh said I was having a hard time and I usually have been. Christopher is different than other mediums I have gotten readings from. He doesn’t ask if something resonates, doesn’t say I am getting this letter or that, or try to pull information from you. He just connects and shares what spirit is telling him. I highly recommend Christopher and do to anyone who asks! He is the real deal, and you will not be disappointed.

Lynn Hollahan
2 years ago

I want to thank you for the amazing reading you gave me yesterday. You brought through my son Devon and captured his essence and personality perfectly. The validations you brought us (both current and past) brought my husband and I peace and filled us with love, but we also got lots of laughs and a few tears.

Thank you for sharing your gift and talents. I have already shared your name with some of my friends. I’m sure our paths will cross at some point. I will check out your local events.

Much love to you and your family.

Joycè Rosales
2 years ago

I lost my soul mate Gianna on March 9, 2022, the blow was devastating. Words cannot describe the pain of such a loss and the void that is left behind. Only those that have been unfortunate enough to lose a soulmate can understand. I met Christopher through a woman that has been like a mother to me. She had experienced the loss of her daughter and her mother, sister. She tried for over 9 years to communicate with her daughter. Medium after medium no success. Until she met Christopher and he was able to communicate with her past family. When Christopher began our session from the beginning, he was spot on, he described my businesses and my current circumstances as if he were with me every day. Then Gianna came through and Christopher communicated things to me so personal between Gianna and myself no one knew about. Christopher is a blessing. I cannot describe the joy I felt knowing that our loved ones are waiting for us. That death is not the final chapter but a new beginning. He touched on personal points about me, and he advised on the healing process. Christopher was spot on, on everything. He is truly a blessing to have met. He brought life back into me, I was dead inside. The things and developments he predicted for me are unfolding before my eyes. It is an experience that words do no justice when describing it. I highly recommend Christopher to anyone searching for answers for healing. He is a bright light in a dark world.

Anita Bakke
2 years ago

When I first contacted Christopher Mendez, it was early in his career. With no previous appointment or referral, Christopher was kind enough to take my call. I was an unknown voice to him, in a low emotional place, trying to understand where my life had gone. His gentle, caring voice immediately calmed me. I only shared with him that I was in a low place, that I had never been before and didn’t understand. Without another word from me, he brought in the reason for the call and the loved ones I needed to hear from. Just before the call was through, he said to me that the one of the souls in the group he was communicating with had a message that they all said I needed to hear. That message could not have been more perfect. It more than validated everything for me! After this call, my life returned to the balance I had lost before this conversation.

It would be months later that I again reached out to Christopher for clarification of something I was experiencing. Once again, he calmly connected with source, stated the issue to me and shared what was needed for resolution. This time my support was needed by someone from my past. I reached out to them after talking with Christopher and an old friendship I never expected to rekindle was renewed.

Christopher has abilities that far exceed any expectations along with providing healing that I could not reach on my own. I have shared his amazing abilities and contact with many friends and family since that second call. He has never disappointed one person that has contacted him due to my referral. If you are blessed to get a reading with this amazing soul, Christopher Mendez, you too will be comforted, enlightened, and appreciative of his beautiful soul, amazing ability, and the heartfelt connection you will make. I now call this man, “my dear friend” and appreciate so much more of my life because of that initial conversation.