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Lisa Wilcoxson

Located in Phoenix, AZ

Lisa Wilcoxson is an evidential spiritual medium, psychic, mystic, and mentor. Naturally intuitive, and able to see spirit since her teenage years, Lisa dedicated herself to Spiritual work after both of her children transcended the physical world. Renowned for delivering detailed evidence and stunning connection in readings, Lisa compassionately provides undeniable proof the bonds of love are unbreakable, there is no death, and our lives are forever intertwined. With an abundance of gratitude for all the miracles along her path, Lisa’s mindful and inspirational guidance and connection through psychic mediumship have helped bereaved people across the globe.

Lisa is available for private readings, group readings, and events, and public speaking about the afterlife, grief, and her personal chrysalis towards a joy-filled life, as well as private mentorship. Lisa travels the country for events and works internationally via Zoom.

Lisa resides in Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona, with her husband Rick and their two dogs.

Reading Charge & Duration

  • Private Readings $222 for 45 minutes
  • Group Readings $350 and up

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Reviews with Comments

Barbara McKnight
21 days ago

Lisa is such an amazing woman, she's so compassionate and loving. She gave me a reading today and my son Justin f33 came through along with Justin's dad Evan f53.

Lisa was able to bring me beautiful messages from both of them. Completely accurate validations. This made me so happy and emotional at the same time.

I found Lisa through Helping Parents Heal, I was drawn to her from the start, even before I knew she was a medium. Now I understand why, she's so caring with her work giving validations to us all from our loved ones .

I'm so happy she did this reading for me, I'm truly grateful!

Wanda Sullivan
21 days ago

It is so hard to put into words just how much peace and joy Lisa brought to me during my session.

Going into the session I had no preconceived idea what I might hear, while hopeful I can honestly say I was overwhelmed with the love Lisa was able to convey from both my Dad and my husband.

Lisa's ability to give me those messages with such love, respect and intention meant everything to me. Several of the messages were acknowledgments she had indeed connected with them. I am the only one that knew some of the things she told me. I could have listened to her for hours.

Lisa, you are the best and I can't wait until my next session ??

Lauren M
2 months ago

My mom and I had a session this past week with Lisa that blew us away. Lisa is full of light and we are so grateful for the closure she was able to give us. My grandmother passed away recently and my dad passed away many years ago. My grandmother came through first with some obvious evidence that confirmed she was with us. There were lots of validations she told us that Lisa would have had no way of knowing before our session. My dad came through shortly afterwards and Lisa was able to tell us the circumstances of his death in detail without us giving any kind of information to her. She would also have never been able to know this before our session. My dad gave me a lot of validation through Lisa that were very specific memories – the hiking boots he got me before he died, his favorite vacations, and more. Lisa mentioned that he showed her a locket and at first I didn’t know how to place it. The next day, I remembered that another relative of mine had given me a locket 10+ years ago that I had forgotten about. I went searching for it and found it in my room. Inside were pictures of me and my dad. Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your gift!

2 months ago

Lisa is not only a very gifted & talented medium, but an incredibly warm, kind, and empathetic person who deeply understands grief, loss, and healing. Our session with her was incredible. She clearly and vividly brought through the person we were looking for with dozens of very specific pieces of evidence and validation that no one could have possibly known - accompanied by a range of very comforting and healing messages from our loved one. It's unexplainable and there's no way to leave a session with her without being a believer that life goes on and our loved ones never really leave us. We can't thank Lisa enough - we are so grateful for our experience with her!

Anne and Jeanne-Claire Dubois
2 months ago

We are so grateful to Lisa for our reading together as mother and daughter with our beloved husband and father in spirit. To share this experience was truly a huge gift for both of us.

With so much evidence, it was such a divine reading. We could really feel a closeness of our little family with such love and clear understanding of our daily lives and work.

It was our first reading and the evidence brought through was truly from our loved one.

It brought us a lot of peace, and was very moving for all.

Thank you so much Lisa.

Jenny McCall
3 months ago

Lisa validated so many things about my son. My older son who is still here is getting married in June. She saw wedding dresses and my son in spirit holding up a Champaign glass as if giving a toast. He said,"I am still the best man". When I told my son whose getting married he burst into tears. We spoke for 45 minutes regarding little messages like this. I know my son is still with us. However, it's so fun to hear the little messages he has for us with his sense of humor. I also loved hearing what he's doing now. It's so hard to imagine heaven And Lisa gave me a little peek into that .

Catherine Prescott
5 months ago

Lisa was incredibly validating and evidential. She connected with our son immediately, and she relayed facts that are unGoogle-able--that dad was wearing our son's socks, for example, and that we just hung up a signed team jersey in what was his room. The validations were constant and specific. It was my skeptic husband's first time meeting a medium, and he was blown away by the connection. It felt like a super long distance lovefest phone call. We're so grateful for Lisa's love and for her gift.

Ekaterina Vitanova
5 months ago

I had seen an interview with Suzanne and Lisa before the reading, knew she had lost two sons, and that was enough. How could you know, Beautiful Soul, about the big stealth airplanes of new generation - one of my son's passions was constructing next generation drones, he was a pioneer in this in our country, he also got numerous prizes and gold medals at international drone contests. He did have a brilliant engineering mind (his educational backgrounds being in different fields, thought). The pain in his head (you didn't even know it was a reading for my son). The big horns of a deer - my son confirming he knows or knew about his father's betrayal, he left me on my own during the months we were struggling for his life. Or my mom calling me Rina (from EkateRina).., and many more were the pieces of evidence you gave me. Peace and relief started opening in me.. Thank you and bless you, Beautiful Lisa 🙏🏻✨🪽

6 months ago

Thanks to dear Lisa, I am very happy and reassured, after many experiences with mediums, Lisa was able to give me hope with very specific details, by the way, dear Lisa, even about the existence of three Sisters,you were right, because one of my aunts died in childhood and I didn't know about it, I will definitely try to meet dear lisa again.

Debbie Galleher
6 months ago

This was our very first reading and we had no expectations- but hopeful ❤️

Lisa's first comment resonated with us immediately.

45 minutes later *** we were left wanting so much more, but knowing that our son Adam was there with us .Thank you Lisa for providing clear information and for allowing us to connect with our son❤️

Heidi S
7 months ago

Lisa Wilcoxson is a highly skilled, gifted medium. She delivers detailed evidence again and again. Information no one could possibly have known, some of which just happened that very day. She is the medium to go to when your heart just needs some evidence that your loved one is right there with you. Thank you so much, Lisa!

8 months ago

My appointment was schedule on the day of my daughter's 2nd anniversary of passing and I was not sure if that was wise or not or just meant to be. I had never met with a Medium and did not know what to expect. I saw Lisa in a Helping Parents Heal Zoom meeting once.

We started the session but Lisa was honest in saying that she "did not feel connected to my person" so we resumed 3 hours later that same evening.

I'll tell you that I almost fell off my chair 6x during the reading! No one but me knew certain things, moments, and or past and future events that were brought up and discussed. "Skeptical me" was blown away and I was crying big tears in the end. . I'm still digesting the recordings but know that my daughter is actively giving me signs and telling me she's watching from where she is. Wishing all peace.

Anna Haas
8 months ago

I feel so so blessed. I had so much evidence from her I still can't believe it. All the things she told me about my husband were all true. Things that no one knows at all. Only me and him. The evidence wasn't 1 or 2 things, there were so many! Bless your heart. You are amazing at what you do. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thank you Mrs. Wilcoxson. 🙏🙏🙏

Carlos Ycasiano
8 months ago

I first saw Lisa in a YouTube video when she was being interviewed by Suzanne Giesemann, and immediately knew she was the one I would be reaching out to for my very first reading. I loved her energy, her graciousness, humility, and the positivity and joy she raidated. I opened my heart and asked my departed partner to come through clearly, and boy did he ever! Lisa received image after image, evidence after evidence, and we laughed and cried and felt the love from beyond so palpably. When something did not make sense, she told me to just note it in case it comes up in the coming days or weeks. "Sheets" and "Elephant" did not make sense to me during the reading. But a few days later, I finally braved a visit to my and my partner's Summer house, which before the reading was too painful for me to go to. But off I went, and I asked the caretaker for sheets, thinking nothing of it. Then my cousin gasped (she had heard about my session with Lisa) - look at the print, she said. Elephants! Elephants on the sheets, to comfort me on my first night back in our summer house since his passing. While the evidence that my partner has been with me was indesputable and has brought me so much comfort and joy, I equally love those things that did not make sense at the time of the reading, because they are like gifts to open one by one in the future, to assure me he has seen my likely path and continues to journey with me. Thank you Lisa for being a bridge between us and our loved ones who have passed. You have brought comfort not only to me, but to everyone I tell the story to. They gasp and cry and start to really internalize the idea that our loved ones really do go on, and that they are ok and in a really happy and loving place. Much love and light to everyone.

Hope V
10 months ago

It was such an honor to experience Lisa's gift. This was an amazing reading and there was a true connection with the spirit world.After the reading, I discussed some of the messages with family members who not only validated what was passed along but were able to experience the evidence as well.

Thank you!!

Megan Britt
10 months ago

Lisa is an incredible medium. She brought through evidence that my partner was there, including telling me his name right off the bat. She brought through information about the way my partner died that has been a bit of a mystery. She gave me closure in a way no other medium has. She's kind and compassionate and very skilled. Thank you Lisa.

Melanie Richard
one year ago

Being new to the world of mediumship, I was anxious, and admittedly a little desperate, going into this reading. Lisa's warmth and caring was so honest and authentic that I immediately felt connected and comfortable with her. She was very patient and giving of her time. In terms of the reading itself, she was amazing. She conveyed specific pieces of information from our beloved, information that was quite random and simply could not have been arrived at simply through guessing. After the reading, family members validated some additional things that she had brought forward that at the time I couldnt make sense of. I'm so thankful that I chose Lisa, and would do so again without hesitation. If you are seeking an authentically caring and skilled medium, I highly recommend her.

one year ago

Lisa Is a phenom with an undeniable gift to connect to loved ones. I was able to hear from my loved ones loud and clear with profound messages. She is personal, empathetic and easy to relate to. I highly recommend her!!

Shody Zanjani
one year ago

There are no words that can truly describe my amazing experience with Lisa and the way her messages and presence helped me heal.

She is not only an exceptional evidential medium but she also connects with her extraordinary light, love and compassion.

I felt we connected on a soul level and I truly believe she was put on this earth to heal others with her bright light.

I love, love, love her!

one year ago

Lisa is kind, compassionate and has a calm and caring energy. Her connection to spirit is strong. I enjoyed my reading.

Tripti M Mukherjee
one year ago

After her reading I am in trans and just want to stay in that vibrations only!

Just wanted to convey my Gratitude for today's reading.

I recommend a reading with LisaWilcoxson to everyone who is looking for it..

Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Lisa!

Take care and Lots of Love

one year ago

Lisa is a beautiful soul and an excellent medium. My session with her was my first ever mediumship session. Most of the evidence that came through her was strikingly accurate; some needed to be further deciphered, just as she'd warned me. The whole experience felt cathartic.

Evening Ransom Stark
2 years ago

I recently had a reading with psychic, medium, and shining light parent, Lisa Wilcoxson. After a detailed reading followed by a long conversation with Lisa, I would feel very comfortable recommending her to anyone interested in making contact with a loved who lives in spirit, and strongly recommend her for parents who’ve lost a child because--on top of being a wonderful medium, Lisa’s insight and empathy for those of us who have lost a child is second to none.

Whether your child’s death followed a long illness or it came suddenly, without warning you will find a wise and knowing listener in Lisa who after surviving the physical death of both of her sons is uniquely relatable. The reading itself was comforting as Lisa provided strong evidence that she had connected to my loved ones in spirit, and beyond that she connected with me. Since starting on this journey in July 2016, I’ve found great comfort and inspiration in two ways: by connecting with loved ones in spirit, and by connecting with mothers right here who show me by example that it is possible to turn unthinkable loss into a new beginning. By spending time with Lisa I was able to do both.

Michele Tillery
2 years ago

Lisa is a precious gift to my family! She captured my daughter, Jordan’s personality perfectly. I have had several readings over the past four years, but this one was extra special. Lisa has a delightful sense of humor, she is unique in her delivery. She is so comfortable to be with and I know my daughter felt the same. The evidence was over the top! Dear Lisa, I give you my highest recommendation! Thank you for this evidence from Jordan that keeps on giving. God bless you for helping parents, like me through this journey!

Dolores Salazar Cruz / HPH Affiliate Leader
2 years ago

On October 18, 2020, our Helping Parents Heal affiliate group had the privilege of having Lisa Wilcoxson speak to our members and do readings. She gave us some comforting insight into where our loved ones are now, and brought in a message for almost every parent. Two of the boys were talking about how much they are alike, even down to having broken the same finger and wearing the same splint. And another young man told his mom that he had a message for his sister who was in the other room, so she came in to receive her brother’s message. All the kids let us know that they are gathered on the other side and talking to each other just like we were gathered on the Zoom meeting. It was a beautifully healing time for all the parents involved.

Shelley N.
2 years ago

I feel so blessed to have met you and the kindness shown [to me] has truly touched my heart (even though it’s a completely broken heart). I want you to always know how grateful I am to you no matter what. Thank you again for everything. They say when you have your life review you experience it not just from your perspective but from the other person’s too - when you have your life review I am so happy you will get to experience and feel what your kindness has done for me and how it made me feel.

Morgan's mom, Elizabeth Boisson
2 years ago

Lisa Wilcoxson is a beautiful example to look towards as we move forward on this journey. Her only two children, Michael and Anthony, both transitioned, and she searched for a way to find meaning in her life. She has been a close friend for many years, and I have seen a significant and inspiring transformation. After following mediumship classes initially with both Susanne Wilson and Suzanne Giesemann, she mentored for two years with the beloved grand dam of mediumship, Mavis Pitilla. Lisa has developed an exceptional gift. She can communicate not only with Michael and Anthony, but also with all of our children. They come to her at some of the most unexpected moments, including in the middle of the night and even while Lisa is taking a shower! But she doesn’t mind a bit. They have important, healing messages that she carefully transmits to their parents.

I had the pleasure of recently sitting for a reading with Lisa. She was able to connect with my children Morgan and Chelsea, as well as with many of my loved ones in spirit. They are all helping with Helping Parents Heal and they are excited about the growth of our nonprofit.

One of the most amazing things that happened was that Lisa brought through my Great Aunt Frances, wearing a fox stole, who worked with Edgar Cayce and was entrusted with many of his recordings. She had a Ph.D., lived a glamorous life in Hollywood and believed in mediumship and the Afterlife years before this was commonplace. Lisa told me that Great Aunt Frances and other family members, including my Great Aunt Dorothy and Great Uncle Wendell, came through with metal helmets with upright curlicue wires, showing that they are helping us all to communicate. She also said that our family had a history of child loss, and mentioned sons who were lost in the Navy. Great Uncle Wendell was a Vice Admiral in the Navy and most certainly knew and cared about many sons who lost their lives while serving overseas. She also said that they were all taking my daughter Chelsea to Paris Fashion Week for her 28th birthday (January 21st).

Also, Lisa sketched a lighting bolt in the air several times, trying to determine its meaning. Finally, Morgan told her that she should flip it; that it was a ‘Z’ for Zorro. Zorro was one of our favorite dogs who transitioned by overeating. Lisa told me that Morgan explained that Zorro has reincarnated into one of our new puppies, Obelix. This is something that we have suspected for some time, and it was an excellent confirmation. Obelix my father-in-law's puppy, who is now in a nursing home in France and cannot have animals. We take care of Obelix and send Paps pictures and videos every day.

Morgan showed Lisa that he was putting on shorts and a T-shirt that were light blue, and said that this had something to do with Alix. We are awaiting an answer from the School of Public Health at UNC, as Alix hopes to pursue a doctorate next fall. The colors at Carolina are white and Carolina Blue. Also, she told me that Morgan was showing her the three Adidas stripes and saying that it was important. Morgan only wore Adidas sneakers because they came in very big sizes; Morgan was 6’6" and wore a size 17 shoe. It was nice to know that Morgan is watching over her application as we await her results.

There were many more validations from Morgan and Chelsea, as well as from my whole family on the other side. I am grateful to Lisa, who hopes to help other parents learn to connect with their children in spirit. Lisa offers proof that we are all capable of doing so and that our kids want this to happen. Thank you, Lisa, and thanks to all of our amazing children on the other side, our biggest cheerleaders who are very proud of their moms and dads!

Deanna Lamont
2 years ago

My first experience with Lisa Wilcoxson was in a gallery setting with 8 of us during a Meditation Retreat in Sedona. I am not that familiar with Mediums and learned what sets an Evidential Medium apart, as Lisa is. OMGracious – it absolutely blew every single one of us away! Lisa didn’t know us coming in. The experience was phenomenal. There were half a dozen “people” that came through. The absolute beauty was that we all gained from that sharing and the information they brought through. The biggest WOW, was there is no way any one of us could ever doubt these messages as true. Even days after, there were more personal rememberings that arised for the retreat attendee to validate. Lisa has been to 2 other retreats I have been at, and again – the evidence based information makes this so fascinating. Hands down, without a doubt, I would recommend Lisa. She is clear, authentic, ethically mindful and funny ?? Simply a JOY to be around and make all of us comfortable (even those that have crossed, I think!).

Linda Fery
2 years ago

Thank you, Lisa, for the recent communication with my father. You reinforced my belief that we can communicate with those who have passed and that they are always with us. You mentioned things you could not possibly have known beforehand.

Krysten Ferrante
2 years ago

I had a reading scheduled with Lisa and after connecting with her for about 20 min spirit had other plans for us. There were a few things that weren’t connecting and due to a medical procedure she had done the day before Lisa was feeling like it was best we reschedule. So we did for the following morning. Little did we know that my son needed her to reschedule so that she could go out and buy a necklace that he knew would have so much meaning to me. So our second time meeting started off with her showing me this necklace that said the word JOY on it, and that word was everything. It was one of the last conversations that my son had with his cousin, “that happiness is temporary & JOY is permanent,” she spoke at his funeral about that conversation, and he wrote about it in his journal, and she had the word JOY tattooed in his writing. So that was just the start of what felt like a conversation I was having with my son. There were too many validations to mention during our session, but I just wanted to say how amazing this woman is and her gift is just that—a gift. Thank you, Lisa for the healing you brought to me, as we know when you lose a child or anyone your close to, the weight of grief is so heavy. I felt a little lighter that day and I’m so grateful that I got to connect with my son and I also got to connect with you. It’s ironic and amazing to think of the people I’ve connected with through such a horrific loss, who have become so important in my life. Lisa, you are one of those people. I see it as divine intervention. You made me feel safe and loved—just know that you have a friend in me.

Stephanie Eaton
2 years ago

Just a beautiful person and a wonderful medium. She will connect you in a way you can speak with your loved one in spirit. She is so powerful.

Dina Asher
2 years ago

Lisa, It is magical to watch you in action. I listen is awe, of the messages you bring forward through spirit, which are amazingly significant. Your words take me to a new plane of understanding, beyond reason, where I can see and understand events & people more clearly, ultimately understanding past choices or thinking through future choices. Thank you for choosing to use your gift to help others. I feel your heart. I love the way you convey the messages. I feel honored to have the chance to connect/talk with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.