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Barbra Banner

Located in Los Angeles, CA

Barbra Banner is a spirited Evidential/Psychic Medium with an uplifting delivery of evidence and is known for readings filled with high-vibration love, laughter, and lightness. It's her three and a half decades of volunteering for organizations specializing in trauma and grief that give her the strength and compassion to be at her best when others are at their worst.

Looking back, her choices to serve on a crisis hotline, in a chaotic Emergency Room and with the city's Crisis Response Team, seem Divinely guided to enhance her Mediumship. Her readings have the right amount of laughter and tears to provide comfort and clarity.

Whether you want proof that consciousness is eternal, need answers about a tragic passing, miss your loved one deeply, or have unfinished business that needs closure, Barbra is always by your side. Barbra offers you a unique Q&A with spirit that's filled with touching OMG moments that are relative to what's presently happening in your life. What's unique is that Barbra will not know what your questions are. Barbra is truly passionate about serving those who have been waiting for messages of love, to give or receive an apology, or who need peace of mind knowing their loved one is just a whisper away.


Family trauma, unfinished business, questions answered, automatic writing, children in spirit

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Reviews with Comments

Keri Zinc
3 months ago

Keri Zinc

My time with Barbra was truly amazing. She started by bringing in my energetic grandmother followed by my mom and my daughter. Three generations all validated! I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate since my session with Barbra and continue to further understand the messages I received. I responded well to her kind and patient demeanor and highly recommend working with herKer

rafael mira
3 months ago


I recently had the privilege of connecting with Barbra B, a truly extraordinary medium, and I cannot express enough gratitude for her remarkable abilities and compassionate nature. From the moment our session began, it was evident that this was not merely a consultation but a profound exchange of energy, understanding, and healing. First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest appreciation for her unparalleled understanding. As I navigated through personal challenges and sought clarity, Barbra demonstrated an innate ability to empathize and truly comprehend the depths of my experiences. Her keen insight into my emotions and struggles was nothing short of remarkable, providing a sense of validation and comfort that I had not experienced before. Additionally, Barbra's sense of humor brought a lightness and ease to what could have been a daunting conversation. Amidst discussions of profound topics, she effortlessly infused moments of laughter and levity, reminding me of the power of joy even in the midst of introspection. Her ability to balance seriousness with humor created a safe and welcoming environment where I felt encouraged to explore even the most vulnerable aspects of myself. Furthermore, her compassion was evident in every word she spoke and every gesture she made. Barbra approached our session with a genuine desire to support and uplift, offering guidance with a warmth and sincerity that touched my heart. Her compassionate presence provided a sense of solace and reassurance, leaving me feeling understood and cared for in a way that transcended mere words. Lastly, I want to acknowledge the profound love that permeated our interaction. It was clear that Barbra approached her work not just as a profession but as a sacred calling rooted in love and service. Her dedication to helping others navigate their spiritual journeys was evident in her every action, and I am deeply grateful for the love she poured into our session. In conclusion, I am filled with immense gratitude for the opportunity to connect with such a gifted and compassionate medium. Barbra’s understanding, sense of humor, compassion, and love have left an indelible mark on my heart, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance, healing, and connection on their own spiritual journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your profound impact on my life.

3 months ago


This was my first experience with a Medium and I can not express how amazing Barbra B was! This was so caring, nurturing, and knowledgeable. She took her time to walk me through the process and explained everything to me. I was skeptical going into the video call but I left in tears feeling like I was in the presence of many of my loved ones. We spoke about things only I would know about and I can not express how grateful I was for the experience with Barbra and my loved ones. I would highly recommend spending time with Barbra especially, if you are new to this as she will make you feel comfortable with the process. If you are a skeptic like I was, you won't be after your experience Barbra. It was so amazing, something I will never forget and I can't wait to experience it again.

Maggie Howes
6 months ago

Maggie Howes

I am writing this review almost a week after my session because I wanted to speak with a few friends and family members to confirm some things that I couldn’t at the time. I’m blown away at the accuracy of what Barbara was able to interpret during my reading. She brought through my godmother with so much evidence that I can’t deny for a minute that it was her. I asked for my own sign to confirm that it was her and received it in the most amazing way possible. She also brought through a dear friend who i immediately knew was him with evidence but after having his mom confirm every piece, I’m just in awe. I highly recommend a reading with Barbara as she was just a delightful person to be in the company of. The way you interpret what your sensing is astonishing. I had a huge confirmation of my own my own a few days after our reading which gave me no doubt that the information you brought through was 100% real.

Sylvia Trujillo
11 months ago

I met Barbra very early on in my grieving journey and her loving spirit has always made me feel comfortable and most importantly, safe when connecting with my loved ones. She has been accurate with bringing through her personality, hobbies, a heart necklace, Mary Jane shoes, her rare intellect and the undeniable bond that her and I still share. The reading brought so much comfort to me and honestly it was like taking a walk back in time.

The message my daughter brought through in her automatic writing session was amazing and resonated with me so much.

Thank you, Barbra, for the connection you made with the beautiful soul that I hold so dear to my heart. You are truly a Godsend.

xoxo ForeverAddy’smommy xoxo,

~Sylvia Trujillo

Marilyn B.
one year ago

"You are truly a gift from God. I am still dumbstruck and overwhelmed by the content of your reading. Never in a lifetime could I imagine anyone able to connect to someone who caused me a lifetime of pain. The perpetrator now asking for my forgiveness. The trauma was denied and enabled my my own family. This session was so extraordinary to me and I am so grateful for the healing that will emerge. I know why spirit picked Barbra to reveal this sensitive information to me. I've been waiting over 60 years for it."

Ana Stjepovic
one year ago

Ana S.

Barbra's reading was a touching and wonderful experience. It provided comfort and reassurance. Barbra had a very truthful projection of my loved one in spirit, his personality and appearance. The message sent to me through Barbra was just what I needed at the time. I also had a validation: After saying I will be receiving white flowers as a gift, two days later 2 white roses bloomed in the garden by my son’s door! I never saw that bush bloom blush before! Thank you Barbra for the beautiful connection that was so helpful and healing :) Barbra is very professional, yet so dedicated and puts her whole heart and soul into the reading. I would recommend Barbra to anyone.

Brooke Brown PhD Author or Emalia
2 years ago

In 2021 Barbra and I met as members of an evidential mediumship study group, and she twice brought through my daughter, Emalia, who had passed in 2014. Barbra read for me then, and I was most impressed by the specificity of her evidence, by how accurately she communicated Emalia’s personality, and by her ability to convey a comforting message that resonated with me as being correct and warmed my heart. Now, four years later, I am still in a group with Barbra where I have seen her work—her readings have been accurate, comforting, and have deeply moved guests! No question, Barbra is a skilled medium!


2 years ago


I’m just breathless with gratitude for my son’s messages for me today gifted by Barbra Banner. He was a wonderful human being and I am so pleased he is joyous and no longer suffering. I could feel his warmth, sense of humor and appreciation for family. Barbra embraced multiple elements of his personality, his great pain and current joy. It was a wonderful hug from beyond and I feel much more peace. It was an incredibly strong connection. I was able to silently send questions to him and Barbra discerned his answers. It was new information that I did not have access to prior to this. This was such a blessed encounter with my young son’s spirit. Thank you, Barbra for this grace-filled opportunity."