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Located in Reading Berkshire, England

A Spiritual Journey

Jane is a highly gifted spiritual medium with a profound energetic connection to those in the spirit world.

Coming from a place of deep compassion and empathy, born from her own journey of healing, Jane
makes sense of things ordinarily beyond our comprehension. She oKers a way to understand the universe
and its loving intentions towards us, the meaning of life, and the purpose of our short stay in this realm.
She brings knowledge and understanding which acts as a balm to the devastating pain of grief from losing
a loved one. By helping us to find answers, we are led to a deep sense of peace and an acute appreciation
of the unconditional love the universe oKers. Empowering us to embrace the rest of our journey in this life
with a greater understanding and knowing that our time here is short but also eternal.

Early Life and Spiritual Awakening

Jane was born into this world Awake to the presence of spirit. From her earliest memories, she was
surrounded by the light of those unseen. Only as she got older did she realise it was an unusual gift that
set her on a path to explore and develop her innate abilities and hone her skills through years of practice
and study.

Professional Career

Jane is passionate about passing on her knowledge and creating a space where others can learn to
connect and access spirit for development and healing. A wonderfully gentle teacher with over 20 years’
experience, she has won the hearts of many by her kind compassionate approach, and the beautiful
healing energy that radiates from her. Her humour and light heartedness don’t detract from her strikingly
accurate readings that dazzle even the strongest sceptics, establishing herself as a trusted and highly
respected figure in the spiritual community.


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Charities Jane supports:

Help for hero’s
Mountain ways
Gloucester prem baby unit
Military minds
Helping parents heal


Services and Offerings

Jane’s wonderfully nurturing approach makes her a fantastic teacher and guide, offering fun informal
learning through public demonstrations and workshops. But more importantly, she works on a deep
personal level with one-on-one readings bringing messages, hope and healing from loved ones in spirit.

Personal Philosophy

Jane believes in the power of love and the continuity of the human spirit. Her work is driven by a deep
commitment to helping people navigate their grief, find peace, and embrace the enduring connection
between the physical and spiritual worlds. She approaches each reading with empathy, respect, and a
sincere desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

Online Presence and Community Engagement

Jane is active on social media, where she shares insights, inspirational messages, and updates about her
events and services. Through her online presence, she connects with a broader audience, extending her
reach and oKering support to those who may not be able to see her in person.


Jane Meakin is a beautiful caring compassionate human being, whose work as a spiritual medium has
touched the lives of many. Her kind words and loving messages from spirit, help make sense of this world.
She inspires us to take ownership of our happiness, shows us ways to connect and uplift our vibrations to
find hope and attract a better future. She is a beacon of light, working with us to connect to universal love

Reading Charge & Duration

Readings are typically one hour long: £80 per hour

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Reviews with Comments

Julie Upshall
19 days ago

If you are thinking of visiting a medium I would highly recommend Jane. She is an amazingly talented medium who delivers her readings with compassion, empathy and, when required, humour. Messages and information from the spirit world flow effortlessly from Jane's communication and there is absolutely no doubt about its authenticity, The reading that I received today has blown me away but also left me feeling comforted and validated. Thank you so much Jane!

Emily Brown
19 days ago

I was recommended Jane for a reading and I am so pleased I was. Jane made me feel very comfortable during my reading. The reading it's self was so spot on in so many ways, it has really helped me clarify a few things that I have been overthinking. It's always so nice to hear from the spirit world & Jane was able to get so much from loved ones that made so much sense. If you are thinking about going to Jane for a reading I would highly recommend. I will definitely be returning in the future. Thank you so much!

Ken Baker
19 days ago

Jane came highly recommended to me by other members of my family but it has taken me a long time to feel I was ready to come into direct contact with my deceased loved ones. I am very pleased to say that I was not disappointed and I was left in awe of Jane following our session because I truly felt that I had been in the presence of a like-minded genuine, caring soul who radiated warmth and love with her smile and relaxing, friendly manner.

For the first time since we were estranged 30 years ago, my late Father made contact with me and we ‘spoke’ for the first time since then. He died 16 years ago with us never reconciling. I found this so exhilarating and felt the relief and release immediately in that we were now acknowledging each other once more and I have finally been allowed to grieve him in a way that has never been possible before.

Plus, I gained much needed messages of love and support from the other side that have now given me such confidence to continue with the rest of my life in a positive light. My late Mum, who to this day, I talk to and sense is with me, shared feelings with me that I never got to hear before she sadly passed 19 years ago. The comfort I gain from all of this is immeasurable.

So, all of this became possible because of Jane and I am eternally grateful for meeting her.

19 days ago

Jane was very good and brought a lot of comfort to both me and my mum.

Katherine S
19 days ago

I had been wanting to have a reading with Jane for a long time after hearing so many wonderful comments about her, and only wish I had done this sooner. I was nervous about what I would hear or that she wouldn't be able to find the connections I was hoping for, but Jane is such a warm person she put me straight at ease. I'm still a bit blown away that she made connections with my Mum and grandparents, with so many accurate details. It has brought me a real sense of calm and comfort knowing that they are safe and well, and I can't thank Jane enough for this! Xx

Hannah Coles
7 weeks ago

Absolutely brilliant! I was given full disclosure and all questions were answered and I'm fully satisfied! Definitely booking again!

Serena Porto
7 weeks ago

Well what can I say... Jane is just remarkable❤️ my reading with her was so magical.Jane I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ I truly mean that.The ease I felt when talking to Jane was wonderful as I wasn't quite sure and felt a little nervous but that literally disappeared as soon as we started talking.To know my dad is safe and is in the spirit world and around me and the girls gives me a sense of peace.Thank you again xxx

Elle Rennie
7 weeks ago

Where do we start with Jane? We start with the beautiful soul this lady brings to the world (Earth plane and spirit connection) Janes mediumship being top tier - the best there is! After having Readings all of my life I can whole heartily say Janes was one of if not the best. Bringing through my closest loved ones but then somebody i requested but have never met, all I said was his name!!! Blown away by this ladies aura and mediumship skills. If you havent met Jane your missing out!!! Love you Jane cant wait for healing

Sarah White
7 weeks ago

Jane is not only an excellent medium but a warm hearted soul who instantly puts you at ease. She connected with my mum during my first reading and was able to go into detail about a family dynamic which she couldn't possibly have known about otherwise. She encouraged me to record our first session and when I later played it back, everything that she had mentioned had eventually come to pass. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Jacqueline Almanza
2 months ago

I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Jane Meakin. We met via Zoom it was audio only no video was available on my end. My computer has no camera. Jane is such a warm and caring person.She started with a personal reading expressing information she was receiving about me from her guides. She was spot on. It was as if she had known me my entire life.Next she explained that my mother’s mother was with us. She would like to honor her presence and she brought her through. This was a surprise but very reassuring for me. I had never met my grandmother but knew from the Jane’s message that she was connected with her beyond a doubt.Finally, Jane brought through my youngest son Steven. He passed in 2019 at the age of 28 from a tragic car accident. This part of the reading was so delightful. She captured his humor, intelligence and compassion. We had some touching moments when he revealed that he is always with me. That morning I had touched a sweater in my closet that belongs to him. My thoughts at that exact moment of touching his sweater were repeated back to me when Jane said, he's making reference to a sweater, that smelled of him. He sees you with it, or you touch it, or you smell it, it's almost like you worry because it's not smelling of him. So he's saying, Mom, I'm everywhere. I'm absolutely everywhere. It doesn't matter where in the world you go. I am going to be right beside you. I'm not just in the fabric of that sweater.This was astonishing to me because I just the hour before touch his sweater thinking it does not smell like him anymore.There were many things he told Jane that confirmed to me she had him and he is still here, right now and everyday. He was joking and making fun of me in his usual way. Most of all he was caring and loving toward me the way he had always been since he was a small boy. Steven was my little guy and we had an amazing bond and Jane confirmed for me that bond still goes on. It was comforting to me to make this connection and to put my heart at ease.

6 months ago

**A Glowing Review for Jane, the Spiritual Medium**

I cannot express in words the profound impact that Jane has had on my life. After losing my mother, I was lost, heartbroken, and desperate for closure. Jane's incredible gift as a spiritual medium provided me with the healing I so desperately needed.

From the moment I met Jane, I felt enveloped in a sense of love and compassion. She possesses a unique ability to connect with the spiritual realm, and through her, I was able to understand the complexities of my relationship with my mother. Jane explained that although our relationship wasn't typical, my mother loved me dearly and continues to do so from the other side.

What truly amazed me was the staggering detail Jane shared during our sessions. She conveyed information that only my mother could have known, delivering messages of reassurance and love that brought tears to my eyes. Jane told me that my mother is happy and that she will always be there for me. This knowledge has brought me immense peace and comfort.

Beyond the extraordinary messages, it was Jane’s gentle and loving approach that truly set her apart. She guided me through my grief with unparalleled empathy and support. Jane's passion for helping others is evident in every interaction. She is selfless, compassionate, and dedicated to her calling. Her readings are not just sessions; they are gifts from heaven.

The help Jane has given me is nothing short of profound, life-affirming, and life-changing. I am eternally grateful for her guidance and the healing she has brought into my life. If you are seeking comfort, closure, or simply a connection with a loved one who has passed, a reading with Jane is an invaluable experience. Thank you, Jane, for everything. You have truly changed my life.

Helena Nicholson
7 months ago

I was lucky enough to see Jane just 5 days after my Mum passed. It was at a charity evening that I'd been looking forward to going to as I'd heard such good things about Jane's gift. Mum was a great believer and was excited about me going but she passed away just a few days before the event. At the last minute i decided I'd still attend as mum would have loved it. Mum and i had made an 'agreement' that she'd give me a sign that she was always with me, and what a sign she sent! Jane gave me so much personal, minute detail about the last evening I spent with mum. Things I said, did, how I did them, what mum thought of them (in a way only mum would have said them!. It was incredible. She told me so many random but specific things about our family that no one knows and are unique to us, all delivered in the words and tone of my lovely mum. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Although deeply emotional for me, it gave me so much comfort and love knowing mum and dad were happily together but still watching over me. Jane is a wonderful, warm, caring lady who you instantly feel comfortable with. I could spend hours in her presence, drawing from her energy and wisdom. I can't wait to see her again before too long and can't recommend her enough. I've since also had healing from Jane which was the most wonderful experience. I felt so calm afterwards after a very difficult year. How lucky those of us are who have been touched by her compassion. Grateful thanks to you Jane x

Emma Shah
one year ago

I had an amazing reading with Jane. She connected with my daughter and gave me lots of evidence from my daughter that nobody would've known. It was an amazing connection that was so comforting, My grandmother that I was very close to and my dad also came through. My grandmother came through and was talking about a singer black old fashioned sewing machine that was passed down to me.

Jane Shaker
one year ago

Jane is a very gifted and genuinely caring medium. I warmed to her straight away when I went for a reading and was blown away by the accuracy and extraordinary detail Jane disclosed to me about my deceased relatives. It was such a comfort to have been given special messages and there is no doubt in mind that Jane has incredible insight to the spirit world.

Linda Smith
4 years ago

Jane was the first medium my husband and I went to see after we lost our eldest son, she was recommneded to us by a friend of ours, both of us were very nervous and traumatised and Jane was so lovely and so kind and put us both at ease, the reading she gave us both was so accurate which blew us both away, Jane gave me a free session of healing because she could see I was still in deep shock and it was incredible and I slept for 11 hours straight that night, I have since gone back to her many times for healing and every time she gives me a message from our son, we have become really good friends, she is decent, honest and an extremely gifted medium and healer.