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Alaine Portner

Located in Naples, FL

Alaine Portner has been making a difference in the lives of many across the United States and beyond for more than 30 years. Not only a gifted Medium but also a compassionate spiritual teacher, experienced yogi, and accomplished author. Alaine was the founder of multiple yoga centers and in these sacred places, effective tools of mind, body, and extreme consciousness were discovered. Combining her exceptional skills as a medium and the power of meditation, she offers transformative and unique spiritual experiences for those seeking to connect with departed loved ones and increase their overall well-being.

A remarkably sensitive Medium, Alaine specializes in receiving messages from loved ones or guided spirits. She delivers their messages of life-affirming insight, comfort, love, and direction. After a session with Alaine, guests report a sense of euphoria, connection, and dynamic change in their perception regarding their personal relationships, professional path, and life journey. Alaine’s calm manner, engaging personality, warm humor, and heartfelt insight have provided her with a loyal global following.

This gift of connection appeared stronger after she asked the profound question to Spirit: How psychic can you be, how far does information travel? Previously she only heard psychic details about friends. The answer came on 9/9/2001, when she had a nightmare about 9/11, two days beforehand. Alaine then shut down the forensic, psychic sense as she did not want to be conscious of terroristic plots. She then asked Spirit how she could serve her community better with this psychic gift? In the days following 9/11, she developed Reiki meditation circles to send light and love to the transitioned souls from the 9/11 aftermath. Students arrived for meditation, and with their soul families around them. Alaine began to describe those souls and their messages of love and connection to the students. The answer to the question of how to use her psychic capabilities came: serve others by bringing families back together again.

A frequent guest on podcasts, television, and radio shows, Alaine is the author of “Medium Memoirs, Messages of Love, Hope & Reunion”, available on Amazon. The book was channeled by the first young soul she met for grieving parents. Their son’s messages changed their lives of tragedy to transformational healing. The lessons from the 13,000 plus medium messages delivered provide testimony that our losses can become guided spirits that send loving signs as an affirmation of the soulful spirit, here and there.

Whether she’s leading mindfulness/meditation retreats in Costa Rica, Bolivia, Greece, Jamaica, Portugal, or elsewhere, her focus is healing and renewal. Affirming life in a present tense and fostering healthy mindfulness every day is a teachable skill for anyone’s journey. The language of love is not foreign it is Universal.

Personal Sessions, group gatherings, corporate events, meditation classes, mindfulness retreats are available virtually and in-person.

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*Evidential Medium

*Mindful Expert

*Meditation Teacher


*Bereaved Person and Families

*Speaker, Lecturer

*Corporate & Wellness Medium Events

*Reiki Master

*Global Retreat Leader

Reading Charge & Duration

1 hour $250 Private

1 hour $300 semi-private (2 person)

1 hour families, tbd pp.

15% off for HPH members, please mention when you book the appointment

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Reviews with Comments

Teresa, Keith, and Kyle Leonia
2 years ago

In November of 2019, we lost our eldest son, Jeff in an automobile accident at the age of 24. The grief and loss that immediately overwhelmed our family were unfathomable.
The waves of grief would wash over us like a tidal wave. We struggled as a family to stay afloat and navigate the grief. In January of 2020, by sheer coincidence and a random Facebook ad, we discovered Alaine Portner. A simple advertisement, announcing Alaine’s group reading at a local yoga studio, would ultimately reconnect us to Jeff and his undying spirit. We immediately scheduled a private reading with Alaine and her ability to connect with Jeff was truly unbelievable. Her incredible gift to communicate with the spirit world was the turning point for our family. We began to connect regularly with Jeff, through the help of Alaine. The gift she has given our family has truly saved us from those terrifying waves of grief.

We are grateful for the time we were granted with our Son, and we remain grateful for the continued connection that Alaine has gifted us.

Lynn Hollahan
2 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a reading with Alaine Portner. She started out by explaining what I should, or shouldn’t expect, followed by a short meditation. My son came through right away. I knew it was him because she was able to identify some of his personality quirks, which only our family would know about. Alaine talked about situations that occurred while our son was growing up, during his transition, and current affairs that are happening in our family. She also spoke of things happening in my own personal journey, which helped me to validate that all is as it should be.

There were a couple of things that did not resonate with me during the reading but later made some sense. One such item was when Alaine spoke about “white pants”. She asked if I was I wearing white pants, or was there something significant about them. I told her no, but later that day, I went onto FaceBook and the memory photo of the day was a group of us from HPH who happened to all be wearing white, including my husband who was wearing white pants. Of course, my son would have found that funny….and apparently still does! I’m still smiling as I recall some of the things that Alaine told me!

Thank you Alaine for the wonderful validations!