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Located in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Beth Lynch is a Spiritual Medium, Meditation Teacher & Author. For over twenty years she has helped families understand & heal grief. Her own experiences since childhood, including the death of her parents and her search for healing and higher understanding, led her to realize that her sensitivity is a strength and gift. Her ability to connect to loved ones who have crossed has inspired and helped many people understand life, death, and all that is in between.

In her journey to understand death, she came to understand life. She is passionate about helping others understand Spiritual principles, including the Law of Attraction and the Spirit world's message about mental and emotional healing. Beth continues to share what she has learned personally and in her communications. The understanding of Spirit is the missing link in comprehending mental & emotional wellness & healing the mind, heart & body.
In her latest book, Soul Rising: The Science of Living, Lynch shares what she has learned in her healing & in sessions for others. This includes insights to help us reach our highest potential personally, professionally, and as a species


  • Chanelling
  • Personalized Meditation Practice

Reading Charge & Duration

  • Channeling: $150 for 60 minutes
  • Personalized Meditation Practice: $150

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Reviews with Comments

Lynn Hambleton
2 years ago

I am a resident of NC and have been working with mediums since the early 1990s. I have come to understand that different mediums have different skills. I appreciate that Beth Lynch is one of the most gifted mediums I have met. She connects you (as her client) not only with passed loved ones but also accurately describes them and provides their names. She conducts readings as if you and your passed loved ones are talking directly, and Beth moves to the background merely facilitating the conversation.

With Beth’s assistance, I have felt my son & family in Spirit, laughed, cried, felt his humor, and spoken seriously with them as if they were in the room with me.

Another phenomenal dimension to Beth’s gift is the fact that she conducts all of my readings with her while I am remote - on the phone. I have been working with Beth since 2015, and every reading has been done by phone. Each reading we’ve done with Beth is as if she is in the room with me.

A third and powerful aspect of her talent is that Beth can handle multiple clients (here on earth) at the same time and sort out messages for each of us. My readings with her usually include two other family members (here on earth) joining me in a session, simultaneously. For example, Beth has conducted several 3-way conference call readings wherein we connect: 1) her (in NY State), 2) me and my husband (in NC) and 3) our son (in IL), in one session to connect with our passed loved ones. One time we actually conducted a 4-way conference call, where my husband and I were in different locations. Conducting a virtual reading with multiple clients simultaneously is a rare gift, which many mediums are unable to do.

Beth possesses an uncanny, incredibly accurate talent to connect with loved ones who have passed, even while her earthbound clients are remote. I now book my next reading when I am finishing a current one. I give Beth the highest recommendation possible and refer her to my dearest friends and family.

Irene Vouvalides
4 years ago

In November of 2019 I had a reading with Beth Lynch as part of her certification for Mark Ireland. I just recently found my word document that I submitted to Mark after my reading with Beth. The reading was done " blind " meaning I was given a Zoom link and had know idea who the medium would be and she had no information about me. The reading was fabulous, one of the best I have had. Evidence was shared from my Mom, Dad, daughter and others in spirit that no one could possibly have known other than myself and my family in spirit. Very specific details including names and events that were currently taken place. I highly recommend Beth, you will not be disappointed.

Terri Hartman
10 years ago

My reading was actually January 2012. My son died in August 2011. When I met with Beth in Geneva NY I set the appt for me and my daughter to be in an hour or so, by phone and only gave my first name and paid in cash. No way she could have info so precise other than she is the real deal. I often tell the story... Beth first said she had 3 male presences. A tall man, an older man and a young boy. Asked if I recognized this. (Yes, my son, my dad - 1984, and a nephew, age <5) a while into the reading, she said the tall man (now established as my son, age 29 6'2 and 195lbs) was laughing and pointing at my daughter's foot. No, specifically he was pointing at her big toe and laughing hysterically. (Did I know?). Yes. Back in August we were taking him off life support. Said our good byes and turning up the morphine. We were all holding hands around the bed and I was praying outloud. Then all of a sudden, Cassy shouts "Rachel! What the hell?!" We all look up to see Rachel bending down at the foot of his bed with a long string of snot dripping and she was trying to wipe it on her brother's socked food. Well, we busted out laughing. Our disfunctional family couldn't even send a soul off to heaven without one of those moments.... Now, remind you - he was sedated and moments from his last breath, in a hospital in Plano Texas Aug 2011. January 2012 I'm hearing this from Beth - and could not believe how relieved I was to hear that he was in his second life. There IS life after death of the physical body. The veil is thin. I am so grateful for Beth. She also told me if I wrote him letters and slept with them under my pillow, I might get to see him in my dreams. Well that worked too. Not so often now, but in the painful early days it was very comforting to feel the hug and hear his voice, even if only in my dreams.