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Danielle Clark

Located in Tampa, FL

Dr. Danielle Clark, DBA is a psychic medium, intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher, and business professor.

Dr. Danielle’s life story is unique: She grew up in a trailer park in Massachusetts, raised by a mentally unwell mother and an alcoholic dad whom she saw twice a month. At twelve years old, she was assigned a truancy officer for skipping too much school and at thirteen, she was kicked out of school. In her late teenage years, after working a sub shop job, Danielle shifted her focus to turning her life around and mustered up the courage to take two buses per night to GED classes. At the age of twenty-one, with a six-month-old baby, she enrolled in college courses despite worries that she wasn’t smart enough, and that leaving her baby at night labeled her a bad mother.

Today, Dr. Danielle proudly holds four business degrees, her latest a doctorate in business administration (DBA) from the University of South Florida. (And that 6-month-old baby? He’s now a competitive and loving high school student-athlete). Research has shown less than 5% of GED holders receive an associate’s degree, so this is a story Dr. Danielle has been honored to share: anything is possible.

Several years ago, Dr. Danielle experienced a Dark Night of the Soul – a term she never knew existed until it rocked her world. Her unexpected job loss as a business professor triggered a time of deep spiritual depression and reflection. With her ego-tied identity of ‘professor’ gone, she realized work was a self-destructing therapy. The more accolades she received, the more she felt it proved that she was no longer her past: the neglected child of unstable parents who carried unresolved shame and trauma.

But Dr. Danielle’s Dark Night wasn’t all dark moments. She started to heal her trauma, receive signs and synchronicities from the Universe, and connect to the departed as a psychic medium.

Since her gifts opened up, Dr. Danielle has studied mediumship with leading psychic mediums in the US and UK. She makes regular appearances on NBC’s Bloom TV and is the creator of the weekly show Onwards with Dr. Danielle on the Win-Win Women Network and Onwards the blog.

Dr. Danielle is from just north of Boston. Thanks to her Dark Night and following the signs and synchronicities of the Universe, she now lives in the Tampa Bay area with her family. Fun for Dr. Danielle is attending a spiritual development class, traveling, long walks, reading memoirs, being anywhere her amazing family is, and working. Nothing lights Dr. Danielle up more than helping people heal from grief, trauma, and self-judgment habits.

When working with Dr. Danielle, expect a welcoming, high-vibing, nonjudgmental feel. She shows up with an open mind and heart, always offering energizing and future-focused messages from your higher self, loved ones in spirit, and the Universe.

One of Dr. Danielle’s favorite quotes is: “Remember, it's the cracks in your heart that let the light shine through.”

She is sending you love and light.


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Reviews with Comments

Lori C.
4 months ago

Danielle is a true gift to all of us that need a two way connection to our loved ones that have went to our eternal home.

After my son transitioned , suddenly, I was in shock , I needed answers and needed to know my son was okay .Even though right away he was doing great with signs and the feeling of him around .

I had things I needed to ask him , needed to tell him., I also needed to know that he forgave me for things I said and did and never had a chance to talk to him about.

Within a few moments into the session my son was communicating .He was telling me all the things he had been feeling throughout his life and things that led up to his transition .There was no doubt this was my son...he validated many things , assured me he loves me , forgives me. He also assured me he is around all the time , he knows what Im going thru , told me things that I do for comfort..That I needed to eat better and to take better care of myself ...He came through laughing , smiling and doing well .the hour went so quick and there was plenty of questions answeted ..There was love passed between us .Assuring me my son was always going to be around me ...and sending love . It went great. I am already writing down on paper what I want to talk to my son about next and alreadyplanning my next two way conversation with my best friend and my son..

Thank you Danielle for delivering my christmas present that my son wrapoed up .Blessings to all.

Vic Brosokas
7 months ago

My wife and I recently had a wonderful reading with Danielle, who connected easily with our beautiful son Casey! She provided a two-way connection, which allowed us to receive Casey's messages, and to ask questions about things that we needed clarity on. Casey's personality came through loud and clear!

Danielle showed kindness and compassion in every word, and helped us to continue our personal healing process. What an amazing session!

Danielle has a truly beautiful gift and we are so thankful to have found her - she is an amazing person! I am looking forward to anothert session with her!

Sovie O
9 months ago

Dr. Danielle is an exceptional evidential medium! Her reading brought comfort and reassurance that my family is indeed in spirit and with me (rather than dissolved into nothingness) - at a moment when faith already appeared to be confirmed as the foolish wishfulness of a hurting heart... but she brought in the distinctive (very different) characters of my three loved ones in such relief that there could be no doubt: this was the family gathered at coffee time. Dr. Danielle conveyed the evidence with playful warmth and compassion. The effect has been truly healing. Thank you, Dr. Danielle!!

Joan Nielsen
10 months ago

After my son became a shining light, I sought the perfect medium to connect our worlds. Reviewing the Helping Parents Heal providers list, I felt a conneection with Dr. Danielle Clark and scheduled our first connection point.What a blessing this was!

Dr. Danielle instantly set me at ease and began the session. Her vibrant, caring personality made me comfortable in communicating my intentions for the time we were together. In no time at all, it felt like Danielle was a part of the family.

The opportunity to communicate with our son was precious and engaged our son and the heavenly parents of both myself and my husband. The reading displayed an abundance of evidence that I could confirm. Our son's personality was perfectly reflected in tone, content, love, and hope. I was comfortable validating and questioning evidence. Being able to laugh and shed a tear with my loved ones was something I had not anticipated. I was given time to process concepts and advice on the best ways to move forward.

The high energy and compassion of Dr. Danielle has helped me to better understand the closeness and the present lives of our loved ones beyond the veil. I have found more peace in my life.

This has given me a new perspective. As my husband and I process this information, we know that we will be meeting with Dr. Danielle again to enrich our relationships with these and other loved ones.

I will forever cherish this opportunity. It's life changing.

Alicia Ellison
one year ago

Dr. Danielle's information on this page says that when working with her, "expect a welcoming,high-vibing, nonjudgmental feel. She shows up with an open mind and heart, always offering energizing and future-focused messages from your higher self, loved ones in spirit, and the Universe."

I had not read this before my recent appointment with her, but it describes how I felt afterwards. There was not a lot of dredging of sadness from the past as I experienced once with another psychic, and indeed the messages were present and future-focused, but there was definitely evidence that she had connected with my story and loved ones. She gave me much to continue pondering and unpacking.

i will be seeking another session with Dr. Danielle in future.

Jessica: Customer Service Director
2 years ago

I had the pleasure of engaging in a group virtual mediumship reading with Dr. Danielle. She was warm, welcoming and helped us all feel comfortable very quickly. Her intuitive and kind nature led to some remarkable discussions, including revealing some things she could not have possibly guessed at. I felt a true connection for myself and my guests as we received messages from loved ones. I welcome the opportunity to chat with her again and will continue to refer my friends & family her way for a truly remarkable experience.

Elli: Life Coach and Writer
2 years ago

As someone who has experienced deep trauma relating to the nature of my loved one’s death, I have struggled to find a medium that can relate to me with the kind of compassion that I need. Danielle doesn’t shy away from the grief process, and she understands how to hold space for clients who are feeling vulnerable and shy. I’ve seen her for several readings, and I appreciate that she always has tangible suggestions for how to heal and move forward. She blends her very pragmatic, applied mind, with her incredible psychic gifts, to help guide her clients forward. I’m grateful for this perspective, as every time I meet with her, I feel rejuvenated, uplifted, and have a clearer understanding of my next steps.

Kim Knievel
2 years ago

I have had the absolute pleasure and honor of benefitting from many of Danielle’s gifts. Danielle has guided and supported me through various life chapters, and general times of up leveling which have included: a career change, helping open my heart to be ready to meet the man who became my husband, and arming me with tools to approach my life with more openness and trust. I recently had the honor of sitting with her as a medium and was not surprised to experience how incredibly gifted she is in this arena as well.

Danielle is a special, intuitive person and guide who brings the balance of a loving, caring space, with a pragmatic, savvy business mind. She is masterful at meeting you where you’re at, and helping you connect to your truth, and the endless possibilities your life has in store. I highly recommend working with her.

Sue Posada
2 years ago

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Danielle and having several Experiences with her. She did a mediumship reading with me, I observed her speaking for our local Tampa chapter of HPH, observed her doing a gallery reading, and have been guided by her and my own Mediumship development.

I have experienced her being skilled, ethical, and intuitive in all areas.

My initial exposure to Dr. Danielle was as a “sitter” as she connected with my son in spirit. She was spot-on with her evidence and conveyed the essence of his personality. She was able to speak about his Dad and gave suggestions for getting him to get out of his rut. My son also told her about how I was coping and what I could do for myself to help me move forward so my husband’s way of coping wouldn’t interfere with what I needed to do for myself.

I have had several readings from other skilled mediums and Danielle’s reading was on par. I strongly recommend Dr. Danielle for helping other HPH parents in their healing journey!

Cathy Zimmerman, Tampa Chapter HPH Co-Leader
2 years ago

On Mar. 22, 2022 I had a reading with Dr. Danielle Clark. In the 6 1/2 years since my son Ross went Home, I’ve only had a couple of readings. I tend to be cautiously skeptical. First of all, Dr. Danielle Clark has such a warm, kind manner about her. She described Ross and his personality with specific accuracy with details not known outside of our immediate family. Not only did she give me a spot-on reading with my son but also with my father. She described him and our relationship to a tee and gave me a quote from him, “Your word is your word”. My Dad was an honorable man who told me many times growing up, “When you give your word, that is everything”. Dr. Danielle Clark has a beautiful spirit about her, and as far as her mediumship abilities, she is the real deal.