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Stacey Lynn Cripps

Located in Naperville, IL

Stacey is a gifted Spiritual Medium, Mentor & Advisor of the Gift of Spirit. She is a bridge through the power of the Holy Spirit, “another helper” between you and your departed loved ones in Heaven. This is a rare God-given gift that allows heart-to-heart Spirit communication with your departed loved ones, brings evidence of your loved ones in Spirit, and acknowledgment from them to you that they are still very much with you. Stacey is spiritually gifted with a Heavenly connection to help others feel love, forgiveness, and healing through receiving evidenced, loving messages from their departed loved ones in Spirit. Stacey believes we are all endowed with Spiritual Gifts and she is here to be a personal guide and Spiritual teacher to help those understand, tap into, and be in their gifts to live their truth in work and in life. In her world, LOVE is not a passive noun – it is an active process of engaging with the grieving hearts she heals through her work as an evidential Spiritual Medium & Mentor. These healing messages from your departed loved ones in Heaven instill peace, love, and joy in your heart to stay.

Stacey is Spiritually gifted with a Divine, Heavenly connection to help others feel love, forgiveness, and healing through heartfelt Spirit communication. Stacey began her journey of Spiritual awakening when she lost Heather, her childhood friend, at the age of 26 in 1995. Heather began to appear in Stacey’s dreams, asking her to deliver a message to her grieving mother. Soon after delivering that message, Stacey began to connect with her own family members who had passed, thinking it was normal to communicate with them through her dream state in this way.

After a live guided meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer in 2011 to the song, Amazing Grace, Stacey was opened to see, feel, and hear Spirit. In that moment, the Heavenly veil dropped, and Stacey could see, with her eyes open her departed Grandmother, Grandfather, and Uncle standing on the stage. She heard them speak to her and then she knew without a doubt that our departed loved ones still love and guide us from the other side.

Soon after, Stacey experienced an unexpected opening to the Spiritual realms. She met her guardian Angel and experienced fluid, Angelic Spirit communication where she felt an unwavering feeling of oneness, wholeness, and immense unconditional love. This unveiling led her on a personal Spiritual journey of healing and acceptance of her truth. When she was called to help Sophie from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a brave young girl who had lost her battle with pediatric cancer, to give a reading to her parents and siblings just hours after she had passed, Stacey knew that she needed to say yes and to be in her God-given gifts to help and heal grieving hearts.

Stacey now brings these gifts to her work and embraces that she is filled by the Holy Spirit. She connects with many departed Spiritual loved ones, Archangels, and Spirit Guides. When working with clients, Stacey invites their loved ones or Guides to enter the sacred space and share the most timely and meaningful messages for the highest good.

Upon her Spiritual Awakening, Stacey furthered her Spiritual development with Spiritual direction at Catholic Franciscan Ministries. She followed that up within ministry as a trained grief Stephens minister and trained at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and Lily Dale under renowned Spiritual teachers, healers, and mediums.

Stacey experiences strong connections with…Children (and their family members in Spirit)

Stacey says, “The children in Heaven changed my life and I am forever grateful to them.”
Though Stacey connects with many in Spirit, she has a special affinity with children – they speak the loudest and come the closest to her. This makes the Spiritual work she has done with grieving families extremely gratifying.

For instance, Stacey has helped grieving families from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Purple Project, Helping Parents Heal, Chicago Survivors, and educated grieving mothers on how to connect with their children through her guided meditations, as well as taught them how to ask for and receive physical, tangible signs from their departed children as a way of staying in loving communication with them. Stacey recently studio-recorded her first guided meditation album, “Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit by Stacey Lynn Cripps” including a “superbly angelic” version of “Amazing Grace” available on Amazon & Apple Music. More information on Stacey’s work can be found on her website – Touching 1M Hearts including a Free Gift, her “Heart-Opening” meditation from her new album.


-Volunteer Spiritual Medium for multiple non-for-profits

-Trained and certified gifted Spiritual Medium & Platform Medium - Speaker (10 years)

-Spiritual Mentor & Teacher of the Gift of Spirit, Divine Meditation & Spiritual Signs – The Heavenly Language

-Certified & Credentialed Spiritual Coach & Executive Coach (12 years)

-Trained & Active Grief Minister / Stephens Ministry (8 years)

-Host & Organizer of Chicago’s 1st Grief & Healing Conference – RENEW

-Former Host of Gift of Spirit Radio Show on HealthyLife.Net, Positive Talk Radio, Los Angeles, CA

-Artist & Author of spoken word, studio recorded album, “Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit, by Stacey Lynn Cripps.” Amazon: Apple Music/iTunes:

Private Spiritual Readings (1-4 sitters), Group Spiritual Readings, Gift of Spirit Gala Live Events – Live Spiritual Readings with audience (Online & In Person), Gift of Spirit Mentoring Online Program Courses (Awakened & Attuned), Gift of Spirit - Connect to Spirit Meditation Workshops (Online & In Person)

Reading Charge & Duration

Please refer to Stacey’s website for information on pricing

Private Spiritual Reading is 50 minutes with 1- 4 sitters over Zoom or phone

No extra charge for multiple sitters (2-4) in a Private Spiritual Reading.

Virtual online or in-person live stage Gift of Spirit Gala Live Spiritual Reading Events with audience

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Reviews with Comments

Egle Atencio
one year ago

My reading truly felt like out of this world. Messages and descriptions received through Stacey were mind blowing. The more I think about it, the more it seems surreal. Stacey is a real gem, and I will forever feel grateful for such amazing experience.

Scott and Gretchen Schwalbach; Jack and Ben Schwalbach
2 years ago

We were connected with Stacey through a close personal friend. Stacey was not familiar with the many details concerning our daughter Sophie and her year in a half battle with a rare pediatric cancer. Our brave girl was a fighter and soon after she passed, she came through to Stacey very strongly and she wanted us to know she was pain free and “ok!” It was an amazing hour of overwhelming evidence! Sophie presented through Stacey my favorite flowers “tulips” and Stacey could describe their color. Sophie connected with both her brothers by mentioning the trampoline and the times they had on it. The fact that one brother read to her and the other away at school is visited by her while studying. She even told her Dad she’s with him as he is drawing. This daily part of his work life was something only Sophie could relay. Sophie brought through a child’s name who she was with, who had passed only days before her and who we had met at St. Jude. This moment of course brought us to tears! She talked about our loved ones that were surrounding her and loving her in heaven Sophie through Stacey presented us with names and descriptions! It was amazing! We felt much comfort in hearing all of this and we even recorded it so we can listen as often as we want. We are extremely grateful for Stacey’s many gifts and her ability to share them with us in her beautiful way! We are forever changed by what occurred and forever thankful. Many hopes and some peace has come to our hearts. God bless...

2 years ago

I have always been a believer in spirits and angels, long before my daughter lost her battle to pediatric cancer. Therefore, I was excited to accept the invitation from a mutual friend to receive a personal message from my daughter, Mya through Stacey. I did remain cautiously optimistic, however, realizing that not all those claiming to be mediums, are genuine. It was not long into my reading, that all anxiety was replaced with elation. It appears that my daughter, and her angel friend, had much to say and were able to provide me with “signs” that only I could validate…Mya had conveyed through Stacey the outfit I was wearing at her services, along with the music we opted to play throughout…she conveyed the “gorilla” that I sleep with every night that was from her collection of stuffed animals and the internal debate I was having over fish for her memorial garden and pond “just get the fish in their mom.” Further, Stacey indicated that in time, I would not need her help to reach my daughter, that my daughter was a very strong spirit, and we would find our own way to communicate until we were able to be together again…I am eternally grateful for this experience, and Stacey’s compassion. With love always...

Sherry Anicich, Founder, "The Purple Project”
2 years ago

On August 19, 2012, my daughter and granddaughter were killed. My heart was so broken. I never thought I would heal. Getting a reading from Stacey was life-changing. Stacey was able to connect with my daughter and granddaughter. She told me something only my daughter and I knew about. Her validations were incredible. Even a week after my reading with Stacey I was receiving so many signs from my daughter. I know because of Stacey, without a shadow of a doubt that we are still together. I am forever grateful to Stacey.

Alicia S.
2 years ago

I wanted a reading for the 8th anniversary of my daughter’s passing. I hoped my daughter might pass on advice to me. My daughter and father came through with many messages of evidence, so I knew it was them. My daughter’s personality came through Stacey; how she spoke and moved. I was given answers to my concern and so much more! Both Stacey and I received several signs from my daughter later that day and the next. I love Stacey’s style and her spiritual connection and encouragement to strengthen my spiritual connection.

Matt Horowitz
2 years ago

I cannot express how much meeting Stacey has changed my life. Receiving strong messages thru Stacey from our Son, Jesse has taken me from the dark into the Sunlight of the Spirit. Her gift of Spirit and her energy have allowed me to heal and open up spiritually.

Elizabeth Boisson
2 years ago

I had a wonderful, healing reading with Stacey Cripps. She brought through my son Morgan and my daughter Chelsea and gave me many significant, validated messages. The reading was coincidentally on my 33rd wedding anniversary and since it was fairly early, I hadn't yet seen my husband. Stacey told me that Morgan was showing her a necklace that was significant. Stacey didn't know that it was my anniversary. I thought that Morgan meant a necklace that I had made for the whole family that was a gold medallion with Morgan's engraved picture. However, I didn't think this was a big deal because we have all had the necklaces for 11 years.

After the reading, to my surprise, my husband gave me a beautiful box. It contained a lovely necklace with a moonstone that he had purchased especially for me, in a setting that he had personally designed over a period of a few months. It was beautiful and I now wear it every day. I was grateful to know through Stacey's reading that it was both from Cyril and from Morgan. I feel his love as I wear it. Thank you, Stacey!

Brian Smith
2 years ago

My reading with Stacey was absolute phenomenal. I’ve had many medium readings since my daughter passed away. Stacey was the perfect combination of providing evidence with providing messages from my daughter.

Stacey’s manner is extremely comforting and reassuring. But, at the same time she brought through evidence about my daughter and about our relationship that she could not possibly have found. My reading with Stacey was done “blind” in that she only had my first name when we connected and I was sent the Zoom link by a third party. I had no connection with her before the reading.

She knew the manner of my daughter’s passing. She knew about things I am doing in my life currently in connection with my daughter. She said my daughter brings me “13” and I glanced at the clock and it was 11:31 (in my time zone- Stacey is in another time zone).

I highly recommend Stacey for a reading.

Brian Smith - Helping Parents Heal Board Member, Author of "Grief 2 Growth"