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Kaci Davignon

Located in Wichita, KS

Born in the heart of Kansas, Kaci grew up surrounded by nature and animals. Having an uncanny connection to both, it was normal for her to communicate with them and the divine. As she grew older and vocalized her experiences, she found out quickly she was different than others.

It was this ‘difference’ that led her down a path of searching for answers to the many questions she continuously had. Whether it was a direction for life, purpose work, or how to make things a little easier, curiosity served her well, as her quest for healing was always fulfilled by Spirit and loved ones who had passed over.

With a life purpose devoted to helping people connect, grow and find their own answers, Kaci began her practice of mediumship, working with guides and angels. Her specialties include channeling the divine for healing messages that helps bring clarity, alignment, and a sense of direction. Her unique style of reading combines the voice of loved ones who have passed, intertwined with messages from Spirit. Utilizing evidence from both sources has enabled people to heal while raising their vibration, and oftentimes shifting their mindset.


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Reviews with Comments

Sue Fortuna
one year ago

Kaci’s accuracy to read both the living and the spirit world is spot on. She gives concise evidence describing physical traits, habits and the emotional essence of those in spirit, and is also able to zero in on the needs of the person receiving the reading. 

Kaci integrates her mediumistic, psychic-intuitive and even remote viewing abilities together to give solution based suggestions for healing the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of yourself. Her words are very uplifting and empowering.

Maddy Ricks
one year ago

The accuracy throughout my reading with Kaci was unbelievable. She provided continuous validations and precise details on very personal information. Kaci is a very warm and generous soul who gave me the gift of closure from the sudden loss of my mother. She also gave me insight on how to function with daily anxiety and emotional distress to achieve peace.

I have so much respect for your gift and the manner in which you use it, to heal.

I am most grateful for my experience to sit with Kaci, and I would encourage anyone with an open mind and heart to utilize her services.