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Lauren Startt

Located in Severna Park, MD

My spiritual journey unknowingly began back when I was four years old when I saw spirit for the very first time. It wasn’t until December 30, 2013 that I fully understood my gift when I woke up to my best friend’s soul standing beside me. I went back to bed and received a call minutes later learning of her passing. At that moment I knew the years of anxiety, seeing, hearing and feeling things was actually spirit relaying messages to me. Since my friends passing, my anxiety skyrocketed and my dreams became extremely vivid. This led me to Pat Longo who has been a mentor to me, helping me understand my gift and how to harness my feelings to help others. Each day I am humbled to do this work, and through spirit give others the opportunity to know their loved ones are still with them.




Private and group readings, both in-person and also via Skype, Zoom, Facebook, or phone.

Reading Charge & Duration

Location: Annapolis, MD
Private Readings: $225
This can be done online via Phone or Zoom or in-person in Annapolis
Group Reading: $75 Per Person (With a 10 person minimum)
This can be done online via Zoom or In Person

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Reviews with Comments

2 years ago

I just had a reading with Lauren and I cannot put into words the feeling of peace I have. Lauren connected with my mom and was able to deliver messages from her that I needed to hear so deeply. She identified many situations that have recently happened in my life and my mom was there for each one of them. Lauren described things about my family that only my mom would know. Not only did she bring me comfort that my mom is always with me but she gave me a message that has brought me so much peace and comfort. Thank you Lauren. You have a true God given gift.

2 years ago

Lauren gave me a reading that so healed my soul. I lost my 18 yr old daughter unexpectedly one year ago. The heavy burden of grief has been unbearable. What she channeled absolutely let me know that it was my daughter who was speaking to me. She knew things that there would have been any way of her knowing. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a sincere and healing reading. If you would like to contact the spirit of your loved ones I highly recommend Lauren Startt.

2 years ago

I had a reading with Lauren and I was BEYOND blown away!! She was able to give me information about my son that I have not told anyone! The love I felt coming from not only her as a beautiful, caring and professional medium, but from my son and father as well was astounding. I felt their specific energy in their words and through my goose bumps!! I will absolutely be getting another reading in the future! Thank you Lauren for the time and attention you lovingly give to your clients!

2 years ago

Lauren was great! She called on time. She explained to me how this works for her which I appreciated. My father and grandmother came through. The things she shared with me that they wanted to say let me know it was them. She helped me see some things that I need to change in my life for the better. We are all our own worst enemy sometimes, so I really appreciate her taking time to focus on that. When the call ended I felt I received the guidance I needed. Thank you Lauren!

2 years ago

Lauren is a both an amazing psychic and medium. She was able to connect with my loved ones from the other side and also gave insight to my family’s life and mine as well. Very compassionate, warm, and clear channel highly recommend!!

2 years ago

Lauren is the most special psychic I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is kind, honest, patient and dead on! Her accuracy is scary, and her gift is second to none! My vehicle was recently stolen and she told me I’d have it back within the month (there were only a few days left in November) and I did! The police found my vehicle shortly after Lauren’s prediction. She gives me guidance and peace and I’m grateful to know her. She has changed mine & my mom’s life; we would highly recommend her.

2 years ago

Lauren is a truly gifted psychic medium. Her readings are accurate and filled with positive messages from spirit. Lauren is full of light and comfort. I was fortunate to have a wonderful reading by her and I know several others who have had healing and uplifting readings by Lauren. She’s a blessing!

2 years ago

I recently had a reading with Lauren and I am truly amazed! When I heard her first started speaking, I was in awe. My children’s father came through and I must say ever since his passing I have been filled with a hurt and for many reasons. She brought on the healing process for me. The weight has been lifted from me. I am highly recommending her. I also heard from my grandfather. And a lot of questions were answered. She also told me things about myself I needed to hear. Try her once and you will know for yourself! I am forever grateful.

2 years ago

Lauren is truly a gifted, warm hearted psychic medium. Lauren brings comforting energy as she surrounds you with the love and light of her readings. On several occasions, Lauren was able to connect with my loved ones and comfort me in ways no one else could. She is able to deliver specific messages from spirit and guides in order to ease your pain. She is also able to read into things to a further extent in order to ease your doubts and bring you comfort. Having a reading by Lauren is a blessing. Don’t miss your opportunity. Book now!