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Located in Long Island, NY

Jake James Vanek’s childhood was enveloped by imaginary play and a belief in more than what can be physically seen. He often found himself alone daydreaming of a world that existed outside the visible spectrum. Incredibly shy, Jake would hide from attention and cower from crowds which is now known to him to be the cause of an elevated awareness to energy. His heightened sensitivity was soothed by destructive habits which created an unhealthy lifestyle.

At thirteen years old, Jake’s mother passed away suddenly which left him battling with grief and an unhealthy lifestyle. He decided to consciously shift his life’s trajectory by learning about the importance of incorporating healthy habits to strengthen his emotional, mental, and physical bodies. This helped him move through the grieving process gracefully by honoring the love he had for his mother and the growing love of himself.
His reliance on his intuitive downloads lead him on a journey to research and discover the human potential of psychic abilities.

His awareness expanded at age eighteen when he studied at college. The environment supported and nurtured his intuitive skills so he may begin to deliver messages from spirit. Jake’s physical transformation of tremendous weight loss due to an alignment of mental and spiritual disciplines taught him the power of focused intention with inspired action to manifest desired outcomes. Mediumship then blossomed into his conscious awareness through years of actively using his abilities.

Jake believes that every person is capable of connecting with their loved ones across the veil and their spirit guides. Psychic abilities are an inherent trait to all humans and his readings are to mirror his clients’ intuitive potential and connection to their Team of Light. He is passionate about demonstrating to others that consciousness exists outside of the physical body by providing evidential information received through extrasensory means. Every reading is intended to inspire the sitter to actively engage with life joyfully by trusting in their personal connection with the higher creative intelligence available at all times.

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Reviews with Comments

Deb Duffek
2 months ago

I really cannot recommend Jake highly enough! I am beyond grateful for the readings I've received. Jake is also an amazing teacher who holds space without judgement while working with you on building self confidence. Whether you request a psychic, mediumship reading, both, or just counsel, you will be in great energetic hands! I feel truly blessed for the guidance and knowledge Jake provides. Deb.

Nyny Vu
4 months ago

Jake is out of this world! When I begin or close a new chapter of my life, I like to seek guidance and clarity on my decisions. I've gone to many psychics in the past, and Jake has been the best one yet. His predictions and visions are slowly coming true, and I'm blown away by the accuracy. The visions he sees and his deacriptions are detailed and has given me much food for thought. It was my first time doing a medium reading with Jake. He was able to connect me to my grandmother, which through conversation has helped my family and me get closure since her death. Thank you, Jake, for sharing your amazing gift with the world!

Snow Z
5 months ago

My reading with Jake was the first psychic reading I had ever done and it was incredible! The things I leanred during my reading helped me see my future more clearly and I feel more motivated and excited for what I'm working towards in life. Jake also helped faciliate connection with my grandma who passed away before I was born and was able to confirm many things about her. Honestly, it's a priceless experience that I hope everyone has the chance to participate in. I've since reccomended Jake to friends and they also feel the same. If you're doubtful or have never done a reading like this, Jake is the perfect person to go to!

Lizz Radican
11 months ago

I just had my second reading with Jake, and I was just as impressed as I was the first time. Jake is so thoughtful and warm. He is also the most accurate psychic/medium I've ever encountered. He continues to surprise me with his insights and visions. He provides transcripts and audio of all of his readings so you can go back over them. I have been amazed restrospectively, realizing he saw into my world so accurately. I will definitely be booking with him again in the future.

one year ago

I've been doing readings with Jake for about 6 years and especially love the sense of peace I feel after a reading. I often go back to my reading and notice so many details he provided that are coming true and happening. Jake truly is a healer and light worker. I am forever grateful and have recommended him to several friends and family members.

Olivia Olszewski
one year ago

I have been getting readings from Jake for years and every time I am blown away by his advanced skills. He truly embodies this work in all areas of his life. I often look back on our annual reading throughout the year and am surprised (also not surprised) to find things have come true or are in the process. Each reading is like a breath of fresh air and I leave feeling a sense of clarity and confidence walking into my next phase in life. I highly recommend working with Jake and have consistently referred friends and family to him over the years.

Pamela Wible
2 years ago

Jake Vanek is an intuitive healer and psychic medium of the highest integrity. He obviously loves what he does—and it shows! He is a passionate teacher and is completely engaged with the process of sharing his knowledge. Jake is so encouraging to newbies who may feel unsure and anxious—and is 100% present and totally invested in each student’s progress. I love that he condensed more than a decade of his experience into a simple outline for the beginner to explore the process of psychic self-discovery in a safe group setting. I have also had private sessions with him that were phenomenal. He out-of-the-blue predicated a major engine problem in my car. I went to the dealership the next day and they discovered the $3000 issue which probably saved my life! Now I have a new car too—all due to Jake. That session was about a completely different issue when he paused and said, "Let's talk about your Prius!" Wow! He's like a psychic auto mechanic too!