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Shelly Wilson

Located in Tulsa, OK

Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. She offers private mediumship readings, intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki healing sessions, and teaches classes and workshops. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness, are available in paperback and eBook. Shelly has studied with Sonia Choquette, Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, John Holland and Tony Stockwell and is a registered Karuna© Reiki Master through the International Center for Reiki Training. Residing in Oklahoma, she has a BS in Business with a minor in Psychology.

Psychic readings provide insight into current life situations as well as past and future occurrences. Mediumship readings offer you the opportunity to connect with loved ones in Spirit as well as receive guidance regarding current life situations. There is no guarantee that the loved one you wish to connect with will come through. However, Shelly believes our loved ones have an infinite intelligence and the Other Side is literally all around us vibrating at a higher frequency than our dense Earth plane.


As Shelly connects to the spiritual realm, she conveys the messages to you exactly as she receives and perceives them. The messages come through as thoughts, impressions, feelings, words and images. Through this connection, her intention is to help you heal, grow and become empowered. She requests and intends that the messages are conveyed to her clearly and accurately, and that she receives messages that are easy to understand for your highest good.

Each session is recorded as a courtesy to you as an mp3 audio file and is e-mailed to you after the reading via Hightail (YouSendIt). The link is available for 14 days for you to download and/or listen to the file. Files are retained for 60 days and then deleted.

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Reviews with Comments

Keleigh Reeves
7 weeks ago

I must share how pleased I was to have a reading done with Shelly. She was simply Amazing! She was clear & accurate, detailed orientated,compassionate & expressed the importance of understanding how she received her answers by what senses were picking up the information. I appreciated that along with her patience & sunny disposition!I was surprised how quickly she made contact with my recently departed son,& having all & more of my questions answered. In the past,I've had a traumatic brain injury & I struggle to put thoughts to words quickly & efficiently like others.Shelly was most understanding & worked her magic to make this a successful reading to aide me on my path to healing.I also appreciate the recorded reading ,it's like she said there might be things said or described that'll resonate later- the recording did just that! I'm Truely Thankful for Shelley's help & insight! If your considering a reading I know Shelley's a perfect intuitive medium -Shelly verified she was talking to my son by sharing unknown traits,habits,scenario's- impossible for anyone else but myself to know. That should say it all!or at least enough- Thanks again Shelly!

Mary Bertun
4 months ago

Our practice groups had a reading with Shelly in March 2024. She successfully connected with our children, The Chosen Collective, before, during and after our reading with her. Shelly's accuracy was the best, and as parents had questions, she completely explained the answers.Our parents were quite pleased, and our children in spirit gave her an A+ too!

Kelley Worth
10 months ago

From the moment that Shelly agreed to read for our Helping Parents Heal group ( Western North Caroling) it was a delight working with her. Shelly communicated concisely and quickly about logistical things for our gallery reading. She led us through a relaxing, grounding and connective exercise and then got right to it! Shelly was able to bring through 8 of the kids across the veil. Each parent reported evidences that they knew that their kiddos decided to communicate. Shelly did bring through our vibrant, chatty daughter. I would highly recommend Shelly as someone to allow communication with your loved one.

10 months ago

My experience of Shelly is that she is authentic, trustworthy and heart centered!

Her readings have been insightful, grounding and healing.

The suggestions and ideas that she offers are hopeful, practical and encouraging as well.

I'm grateful to have connected with Shelly and highly recommend her!

Kimberly Riddle
one year ago

Oh my heart! In the past 8 months I have met with 4 mediums. They all served their purpose but Shelly spoke to my heart and soul. On my journey of grief I have found myself wanting to surround myself with people who fill my soul. And Shelly is someone that I want in my life. She made me laugh and she made me cry. Everything she said to me were words directly from my husband. I will definitely meet with her again and also pass on her information to others.

Linda Woods-Miller
one year ago

Shelly is always on point for me. She's encouraging and gives me a heading check. I've gotten readings for over 7 years and I'm never disappointed.

Pam Pearson
one year ago

I have had two readings with Shelly. Both were very validating. Some mediums want their sitters to remain quiet during readings with very little feedback. Shelly wants her readings to be like a three way conversation. I appreciate that.

I have had readings with a few mediums and with all I could not place everything. I don't think that means they are not accurate, just that there is a disconnect in the interpretation on one side or the other. Shelly's reading had some very validating points. For example, my last reading was near Christmas and she mentioned a symbol for cookies was coming through. I had just made cookies the day before that my son in Spirit always helped me with. She asked whether I had signed any cards with both of our names, and I had also just recently done that and had not the year before. And she mentioned that a sign would be flickering lights and the same evening a landscape light in front of the house started to strobe when it had never before or since.

Shelly is also easy to book with and doesn't have a months or years long wait list. Her pricing is very reasonable.

I highly recommend Shelly and plan to meet with her again and to also take some of her classes.

Cynthia Paulsen
one year ago

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say my reading with Shelly may have saved my life. My mother came through in our reading with a warning to me that I should have my throat looked at and see a doctor when it felt like something was blocking my throat. I was confused. Sure enough a month later it felt like something was stuck in my throat. It took several doctor visits and two months, but sure enough I discovered that I had a goiter nodule on my thyroid and it wasn't functioning at all. I now take medication and am healing. I'm truly, truly grateful for Shelly's gift and my mom's meaningful message. Shelly is a wonderful medium!! Highly recommend.

Michelle Tull
one year ago

Shelly is an amazing person and I have had several readings from her. Shelly focuses on you and your energy and I have received new information each time I get a reading and there's no repeating information. I love Shelly and the work she provides and the love and light she spreads to everyone!

Beverlee Dugger
2 years ago

Shelly does an excellent job of putting you at ease immediately. Her readings are accurate and relieve you of the guilt or sorrow that you carry by giving you exactly what you are asking for, even if you don't know for sure yourself. I would recommend her to anyone.

Kathy Galvan
2 years ago

Shelly Wilson glows with the love of Spirit. She is a true Earth Angel who was gifted with the ability to give authentic readings with love and grace. She hits the nail on the head. I have had several readings with her and have had life altering insights every time. She is an amazing Reiki Master healer also.

Lauren Kelly
2 years ago

Such a fabulous reader. Truly invested in the client's highest good! Will always recommend her!

Lisa Williams
2 years ago

Shelly is a remarkable and gifted woman whose passion in life is to help others understand more about what faces us on our journey, about our loved ones on the other side and also the growth that we have to go through in this physical life that we live. She is a blessing to many.

Shane Brink
2 years ago

Shelly is truly amazing. She was able to give me a reading from my nephew that was spot on. I did not tell her a thing and she was able to tell me things only me or my family would know. Thanks so much Shelly. You are truly amazing and awesome. You Rock!!!!

Leslie Potter
4 years ago

Shelly is fantastic! She is so connected! She has been my catalyst for all things spiritual. I first met her in 2019.. I have taken numerous classes with her. I have taken so much knowledge with me from each class and each visit we have shared. Love her!

Cheryl mckenzie
5 years ago

I have had two readings with Shelly and both blew my mind she told me things I didn't even know about my son's passing like he was wearing boots that belonged to his Father that night, my Son never wore boots he always wore Vans or Nike shoes so after the reading I call and asked about the clothes and shoes he had on because I didn't see him the day he passed and sure enough he has borrowed his dad's boots to be more dressed up for his date that night. She is such a wonderful medium and makes you feel like you have known her for a lifetime. Will recommend more and more to experience Shelly Wilson for a great read.

Kasey Maher
9 years ago

Shelly is PHENOMENAL!!!!!

Glenda Scherer
10 years ago

I've been blessed to have had a few readings with Shelly over the years beginning in 2013. She has always been very accurate, and provided me with evidence she had no way of knowing. Shelly has always been professional and I highly recommend her.