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Elizabeth Stanfield

Located in Austin, TX

Elizabeth Stanfield is a certified medium and ordained minister who lives in the Austin, Texas area. She has experienced moments of intuition since the age of three, beginning with contact from loving guides. Elizabeth began to share her gift of mediumship professionally in 2005 when she was introduced to the grieving parents of a three year old who had drowned.

Delivering loving messages from this beautiful young girl was a life-changing moment.  After seeing the impact the validations from their daughter had on the couple, Elizabeth chose to professionally share her gift of healing with others.  Elizabeth has moments of precognition that she uses to help people make thoughtful decisions regarding future events and goals. Elizabeth has spent most of adult life teaching in public schools, and endeavors to teach others how to access the power of their own intuitive voice. Over the past ten years she has come to truly see that after death communication brings about a great deal of healing to the bereaved. Please visit my site


*I record each session and e-mail my clients a link to a recording of their session within a few hours after the session has ended.
*I do both mediumship readings, as well as answer questions regarding relationship and career opportunities.

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Reviews with Comments

Kathy Thomas
8 months ago

I am amazed at the accuracy of my two readings with Elizabeth in 2023. I had been withouut a family of origin for 30+ years. I raised my son by myself without any extended family, which left a hole in my being. During my first reading with Elizabeth, I was reunited with family including my mother and dad, sister and brother as well as friends. I found out that mom and dad visit me daily and Elizabeth accurately told me what I had been doing and thinking about on several occasions, included sitting outside admiring nature to opening a can of tuna in the kitchen. My mother had been present during those times and past the info on. I received help in dealing with my current family including my son, daughter-in-law, as well as grandchildren. She told me my sister was going to help with my granddaughter and her problems by whispering to her at night. Amazingly Elizabeth was able to help me fill the hole of missing relatives. I receive much more from her readings including future events in my life. It was a very rewarding time spent with this lady.

Kathryn Wortz
one year ago

Elizabeth has a beautiful gift. For me, she is able to capture the words and expressions and attitudes that my late husband would use. In the reading, it's almost like talking directly with him at times. Elizabeth also tells stories from her life that uncannily address what I need to hear: teaching stories, I call them. She is deeply sincere, warm, and caring, and has great boundaries to boot! Because of her gifts, not only as a medium, but also as a natural counselor, and because I benefit so much from the readings, I have come back more than once. Each reading has been uniquely helpful. I've met with her in person and on the phone, and both methods work well. Whether you visit with her once, or more than once, I am sure the messages from the beautiful realm that surrounds us will be a balm to your soul.

Nikki Givens
one year ago

I've used Elizabeth two or three times and have even recommended her to family members and friends, who have also had readings. I also leave the readings feeling light, great and happy I've done them. There have been multiple things in my readings where family members and others connected to me have stepped forward and pointed me in the right direction through her. The conversation flows and I will continue to recommend her skills to others.

Linda Hopkins
one year ago

Elizabeth Stanfield is so amazingly accurate, coupled with being lovingly gracious and thoughtful about her wording; also says a prayer before and after and sets the reverent mood, with gratitude. I think I have personally had four readings with her. On hearing how remarkable her readings are, I've had three separate friends get readings done with her, of which they were utterly astounded at the evidentiary substantiation. For myself, the very first reading she got 35 hits, which was unbelievable for me. I’d had a number of unproductive readings in years past with others. With Elizabeth, there was no doubt whatsoever that each of my loved ones she brought through was authentic... the number of things she cited that no one would EVER have the faintest idea about were unimaginable and mind-boggling! It’s info she would have HAD to receive firsthand. THAT is utterly remarkable!

Never knowing my Jason was “my Sunshine” and that I’d asked him to use that as evidence it was him…then her telling me, “I don’t know why but he wants me to tell you to go out into the sunshine and when you feel the sunbeams on you that’s him hugging you”. He told her, “my papa took a double step”…that very morning we'd taken my husband for cataract surgery. As he exited the building, looped with anesthesia, he took a double step and headed off in the wrong direction. Then she said, "Jason says his Papa likes oatmeal cookies". I looked over at my husband and he was eating them right then! The exceedingly definitive description of my mother’s dress that was in a picture on my dresser that she said my mother cited as proof it was accurate! I’m convinced it’s her utter dedication to providing comfort & restoration to those of us desperate to find solace in a renewed connection with our loved ones. If people only knew what a genuinely loving and sacred offering she puts forth to both the people she is reading for; additionally, for our beloved soul mates on the other side who are beyond anxious to let us know they are here with us watching over our lives and that they adore us beyond measure!!!

Through Elizabeth's help, our family has been able to heal. We now KNOW our boy is here with us all the time as he couldn't have cited specifics about each given day or moment we had experienced. He's explained a lot about his passing to us we did not know; tells us about the current events in the life he has created there so we know what he does most days. His dog here passed and Elizabeth had no idea, but that next reading she said she heard a dog bark. Turns out our now 29-year-old grandson has all of our old pets he was raised with who've crossed over and they loved him so. I feel he is still IN our lives and witnesses our events. I am so very grateful to Elizabeth for her dedicated efforts on our behalf and helping us find a new perspective. She is a really lovely person, terrific medium and I will continue to request readings from her while I am still here.

DJ Tessier
2 years ago

I found Elizabeth by conversing with some close friends who Elizabeth had read for.  Elizabeth’s information provided great comfort in their families’ time of loss.  Like most people, I was skeptical and held my information very "close to the vest" as the old saying goes. After we got started it did not take very long for family members to come forward and pretty much "knocked the breath out of me" with details only my family could have known. It was very hard (because of my past) to hear what they (my family members) had to say. But, I have never felt so at peace with my past since the reading. With closure and hope for a better future, I can now move on. Elizabeth, "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart!  Your talent and determination to bring peace to the world one person at a time is ‘priceless.’   You are a gift from God, and I will sing your praises to everyone I know.

Phyllis Lacey
9 years ago

I've known Elizabeth for several years, and she's done some amazing readings for me with my daughter, Christina, who passed away in 2008. It has been such a comfort to receive these heartfelt messages. Anyone who has lost someone who is dear to them should get a reading from her. It is so uplifting and helps with your healing. She has also connected with others in my family who send messages through as well.

Sheri Coats
9 years ago

The first time I went to have a session with Elizabeth, I was searching for some guidance in my life and to possibly connect with my mom and dad who had passed. The moment I stepped in the door she told me my guide had shown up with me and was impatiently waiting to talk to me. Well many more of my loved ones showed up and with detailed accuracy Elizabeth delivered their astounding messages from beyond! Their love and guidance were like a soothing balm to my soul. A VERY specific message from my dad enabled me to move through some long-term negative emotions. As I was driving home, tears of joy streamed down my face. I was so humbled and grateful for Elizabeth's gift of healing. To me, she is and always will be a shining light on this planet!